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Shared misfortune

16 January 2001
Miami, FL. US
The last incident I spoke of involved the pathetic creature that cut me off on the way home from Tampa and kicked up rocks damaging my paint. Last weekend someone keyed my car on the hood, right fender, and on the door under the side mirror. On the way home from work one night, construction on the road left a concealed ditch to which I drove over damaging my front WW chin spoiler causing the paint to crack and gradually chip off. I also lost my tow hook cover as a result. Today on the way home from working on my day off, since it was still dark in the morning until the late afternoon, I drove through the sunpass lane. For those of you not familiar, the sunpass is a toll where you can drive through and an lever arm will rise as it reads a transponder in your car taking money via electonic transfer thus letting you through. Of course on this occasion the arm failed to rise. This of course took out my antenna. Ironically I recently sent my payment for the Dali smartenna. I just figured I will share my misfortune with you all. I have noticed that it is human nature to find amusement in another person's misfortune (especailly after NSXPO 2000). No doubt having read this some of you have laughed. With my limited budget, however, there isn't much humor left in me.
Soory to hear about all the misfortunes you've been having. I don't think it's funny at all, and I doubt anyone in here feels that way(though I may not speak for everyone). I think we all feel your pain and misfortune since we have the same car and wouldn't want it to happen to us.

I hope things turn around for you, so you can go back to being happy and enjoying your car.

Sometimes I refer to a "beater" car as a " luxury" car. You have the luxury of not having to care about it. There certainly are those days when you feel that it is just not worth having I fine automobile. You can even get superstitious and leave one piece damaged. The logic is that the gods will let you slide because you are not trying to be too perfect.
Hope you have some better luck
I don't think it's human nature to find amusement in someone's misfortune, and I think this is a misinterpretation of the various bits of humor that were made at Kevin's NSXPO incident. I think every single NSX owner at NSXPO 2000 felt sorrow and sympathy for your incident, as well as the knowledge that it could have just as easily happened to any one of us.

Yes, there were jokes too (including one by me). The purpose of these was not to make fun or to "gloat" over someone else's misfortune. It was only to lighten up and have some laughs despite what we all knew to be a sad situation. It's often called "gallows humor" or "black humor" but it should not be mistaken for any lack of sympathy on the part of those making the jokes.

Sorry to hear about these additional incidents. Just remember - it's only a car, a machine which can be fixed or replaced. No one was hurt, and that's what's important.

Realizing this is difficult for anyone who babies his car and keeps it perfect and has never had any such incidents. Those who have experienced them (including myself) know that what happens is you get it fixed (which invariably involves some inconvenience and sometimes some financial cost) and afterwards the car looks as good as new.
I'm not laughing! Sounds like insurance would cover most of it, correct?

I agree with andymlow about gettting a "beater" in my case I have a 89 suburban which I daily drive no matter what its like outside or a 98 suburban that I drive when its nice out.
let me join in the responses by saying that i find *zero* humor in the things that have happened re your car. fwiw, in these kinds of situations, it's really helpful to remember it's just a car (a *nice* car, but just a car).

be well.
Let me just say first that I am soooo sorry to hear about your misfortune, but you are not alone. Let me tell a small tale for you...

The first night I got my NSX(2 weeks ago) I bent my rim in a pot hole, then I found out my spare was in bad shape which would have to be replaced($900)
Then a headlight goes out, not too big a deal...
but then the capper...I break my elbow playing basketball!!! My shifting arm! The Doc says it will be at least four weeks till I can drive my baby! Now the car of my dreams just sets in front of my place, crying to be driven. Well, that's my sob story. Just wanted to let u know that someone out there feels your pain.
Man..that sucks... I didnt laugh once through your post! Sorry to hear about anyones misfortune and to an Nsx! But I was curious as to where you were parked when your car got keyed?(Just curious)
Blades, without being intrusive, could I ask what exactly happened at NSXPO? I feel so left out....
Though people tell me not to develop an emotional attachment to a car, I can't help myself. The NSX is a gorgeous piece of machinery (a relative recently referred to it as the most beautiful piece of jewelry she had ever seen) and it generates many strong emotions every time I sit behind the wheel.

I genuinely feel your pain and hope that this is indeed the end of your bad experiences. No one should have such luck.

--akira3D ('00 NSX-T red/black #113)
"Reality is better than the dream..."

I get a sick feeling in my gut whenever I'm washing my NSX and I find a new stone chip; let alone coming out to find my entire car keyed. I have had that happen to me before and, believe me, it's the most HELPLESS feeling in the world.

I'm sorry to hear of your misfortunes and all you can do is remember that IT"S JUST A CAR and now you will be able to justify spending all that $$$ for insurance on your BABY because that's what it's for.

You have to remeber that S--T HAPPENS and you can't stop driving your NSX because you think something BAD will happen. I have come to realize that it doesn't matter WHO you are, WHERE you're from, or WHERE you're at, anything can happen to anyone or anything at any time.

Do you feel better now? If so, I'll send you my bill 'cause I have more stuff I want to buy for my NSX.

As I said after one of your other incidents... "you have the worst luck". Well, I really hoped that you wouldn't continue to live up to that. I'm sorry to hear as everyone, Kev.... I remember when you and I first started talking and you wanted one and I was trying to help you get it..... One point you made was that you didn't have a garage and were worried. Would this have avoided the key incident? And to think I was the one who told you not to worry. I feel bad. Here's my suggestion and it goes against all exotic car rules ...... since it has already had paintwork, it's time to strip the whole car and repaint it YELLOW and leave the roof black..... It will look gorgeous and it'll feel like a new car again and maybe bring some better luck... By the way, leave the engine compartment black. (should have been that way on all yellows anyway) Call if you need anything.

Todd Arnold

Kevin - That is terrible! I do not think anyone finds amusement in these things happening to you or anyone else.

I know I had a sick feeling in my stomach when I saw your car on the flatbed. I was very releived when someone said on the radio that you were not injured in the accident, but still felt bad because I could only imagine how terrible it must have been for you.

I would hope any "jokes" made at NSXPO were simply an attempt to lighten the mood, similar to Steve Riter from CA. Steve midjudged a decreasing radius turn and flipped his car in CA back in '97. Luckily, like you, he was not hurt even though the accident had a lot of potential for serious injury.

Steve came to NSXPO '98 with some other owners from CA. During NSXPO there was some goodnatured ribbing and Steve even went out one morning and bought a box of apple turnovers to share with everyone for breakfast. At NSXPO '99 (and maybe '98, I forget) he also had the NSX picture on his nametag printed upside down. Certainly nobody felt good that Steve had flipped his car, but since nobody was hurt, it seemed the best thing possible was to to put a littly levity on a terrible situation.

I hope your luck turns around. If these are all costing you out of pocket, consider adjusting your insurance coverage to a zero deductable on comprehensive. The higher premium would have more than paid for itself by now as it would have covered everything 100% except the accident at NSXPO.

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I truly appreciate all of the support guys. I guess after all the bad luck I had with the NSX (along with other issues) I just had to vent. I have yet to repair (replace) damaged areas; but, I suppose in time she will be back in shape. It will take some time considering the cost factor. Todd I dont think yellow is my style. To answer some of your questions: the NSX was keyed while at work. I believe it was done by a coworker. But whats done is done. True I don't have a garage. But my NSX is always covered while I am at home. Also there are about a half dozen police cars parked around me. But despite all that things will happen. In any case thanks again for the support.

Be careful out there,

I was really wondering how the FAQNazi was going to find something on NSXPrime about this one, but yet again, I'm amazed.

I've had some bad things to me when I had my first NSX.

I found that it really helped to avoid the car for awhile... after a short term of NSX-fasting, you'll feel more refreshed to take care of it's problems.

That being said, to anyone that says "it's just a car" I have to respond "it's much more than JUST a car, man, much muuuuuch more!"

-- Chris


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Hey I'm sorry to hear about your situation. No way do I think it's funny and would be crushed if it happened to me. Hopefully that dark cloud has moved on. We'll be interested in hearing how everything works out.

Hal Jones
Lake Oswego, Oregon
95T Blk\Blk SportShift
Okay, how's this for misfortune with a somewhat happy ending...

A while back I noticed the leather seats were wearing out along the crease lines and along the edges. I only had about 15k miles on the car (bought a 95 used with 7k mi last summer!) and I asked the dealer what the problem was. He shrugged and I noticed it was getting worse but the passenger seat is only occupied maybe 10% of the time and it was getting worse. To get to the point, it turns out a mouse was nibbling on the leather (only the leather parts mind you). Well I figured this out and I make sure to keep the windows rolled up when it's in the garage. Fortunately my insurance said they'd pay for it to the tune of almost $6000. So I get a new leather interior (my furry friend had to taste almost every part of both seats and the side panels.)

95-T, red
Ok Marc,

I have to know this. How did you find out it was a mouse? Did you catch the little bugger in mid-nibble?

I guess this is another reason to keep your NSX well polished or waxed.


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I guess this is another reason to keep your NSX well polished or waxed.

I don't understand. Mice like to eat aluminum body panels unless they are shiny?