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Shift fork misinstalations ask me how I know.

2 March 2006
St Albert, Alberta
I just wanted to start this thread to share some school of hard knocks, and a big thanks to Chris at SOS, for their trouble shooting skills.
Lesson one:
It is possible to instal slave cylinder not aligned to shift fork, and you then pressure the piston out of the boot as you develop pressure in your clutch.
Symptom: Leaking brake fluid out of slave.
Solution: Depressure lightly grease rubber sleeve one cylinder with rubber friendly grease. Like Silicone for example? reassemble and install.
Lesson Two:
It is possible to instal the slave cylinder and shift fork aligned but misaligned with the trough out bearing.
Symptom: Starter Tourques out and or turns very slowly. (Wheels off, and car up on stands, and clutch pushed in "engaged"? (to be able to actuate starter due to switch)
Solution: Diagnose with the crew at SOS. Remove slave realign shift fork with the through out bearing and then with the slave cylinder. Then start car as normal. Thanks again to all that read this and share their knowledge and lessons:redface:
I also found it easier and was more succesfull in aligning everything with no pressure on the slave cylnder.
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