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Interior Shift Knobs! weighted 10x1.5

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21 October 2015
Didn't realize I have a collection of shift knobs. Up for sale are 3 shift knobs that will fit any Honda/Acura. 10x1.5 thread size. Weighted for better shifting.

Password:JDM Brass (new) $40 shipped
Weight: 544 grams
Width: 1.5"
Height: 3"
Threaded depth: 1.75"

Moddiction Anvil 2 Stainless Steel **SOLD**$180

Custom Made Titanium Shift Knob (new) $180 shipped *Firm*
*Picture doesn't do it justice, looks WAY better in person*
Weight: estimated 400 grams
Width: 2"
Height: 3"
Countersunk thread depth: 2"

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Forgot I still have this. price drop!
PWJDM $30 shipped
Custom Titanium $150 shipped
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