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Shifting cable adjustment

10 August 2020
Has anybody adjusted the shifting cables ? Having some issues with slight grinding going from 2nd to 3rd 3rd to 4th only when shifting aggressively. If I let the roads go down shifting is fine. Cable adjustment or possibly synchro??
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Hi Carbon,
I did not check any of your previous posts, but what is your car's mileage?
If it is a bit higher do you know if the transmission fluid has been replaced?
Maybe this would help.
It's not too hard to do and I thought my car shifted better after a fluid change.
There is a strainer for the fluid that can be removed and cleaned with a mild cleaner (I like simple green) and hot water.
The fluid change requires 3 quarts of fluid, a fluid pump that fits in the bottle, two different crush washers, and a torque wrench.
For about $50 (3x fluid @ $10, pump @$10, @ $10 crush washers) you could try this and see if it helps.
The strainer is $0 (almost) if you are careful and clean it yourself.
Best wishes.
PS - If you edit your profile about your car, or tell a bit more maybe others can provide better advice.
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Shift cable adjustment

Hey Albert thanks for getting back my car is a 93 with 60K miles.. I did change the gear oil last year did notice slightly smoother shifts and still have this issue
I have never had to adjust the cables on the NSX. However, from other experience if there is a problem with the shift linkage the problem is always present. Your problem sounds like the synchros are getting tired. 60 k miles seems a little early for worn synchros; but, if a previous owner was aggressive with their shifting that may have contributed to premature wear. If you do a search on Prime you can find numerous references to a synchromesh cocktail which is a mix of GM Synchromesh friction modified and Synchromesh regular. Red Line MTL has similar friction modifiers that may improve the operation of tired synchros. Be aware that upping the concentration of the friction modified will alter the operation of the LSD potentially leading to more aggressive LSD action.

I have a 2000 with the six speed transmission and borderline nil experience with the five speed. Based upon my six speed, it is not a happy transmission until it gets hot. On first start up in the morning, I am very slow and deliberate with 1-2 shifts and to a lesser extent with 2-3 shifts. Otherwise the shifts will balk or grind. As the transmission warms things get better. What really helps is after driving, I park the car for about 5 - 10 minutes. After that shifting becomes perfect. I am presuming that parking allows for additional heat transfer from the engine to the clutch / transmission housing which further heats stuff up improving operation.

The other thing to consider is the clutch. If you are not getting complete release on the clutch this can make for harder shifts.