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Short Drive up to Black Canyon City

9 May 2005
The short story, As some of my friends here know, On June 1st my Niece Ashley was badly burned in an R.V. Fire at Lake Pleasant. She was up there with friends for the weekend. She was in critical condition for a couple of weeks at Maricopa Medical Center Burn unit. She is now beginning to recover. She has had 3 surgeries since the accident, (her last one was last friday) and will probably be there for a few more weeks before she begins rehab. Ironically, my brother in law is a firefighter with Black Canyon city.
There is a fundraising car wash at the Rock Springs cafe. Also the Cafe is selling a slice of pie for 1 dollar with the proceeds going to Ashley's recovery fund.
I thought that we could put a drive together (short as it may be) to head up there next Saturday (the car wash is between 9am and 2pm) and if anybody wants, possibly continue on up noth to???
You bet Don...whatever you need brother.
I'm glad to hear her condition is improving, it was touch and go there for awhile...
Call me if you need anything...talk to you soon.
Thanks Jim:smile: If anybody would like to come just to get out of town for a ride just let me know and we can arrange to meet somewhere...
I would like to thank those of you who came out:wink:....sorry it was so late in the day for me to make a longer drive...hopefully someone can arrrange a group drive somewhere cool....
Thanks again!