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Life & Times of My 2NDW1FE

Looking forward to seeing you there!

I'm definitely interested to hear your thoughts on the chassis bars and sway bars as I am contemplating how to make my NSX turn a little flatter. What spring rates are on your BC's?

I copied Billy Johnson's old personal car setup and am running KW V3 with 8k/8k Swift springs, TiDave end links, and all stock swaybars and compliance bushings. It does well on the Dragon, but I would like for it to turn a little flatter if possible. Where did you find the bars?

Excellent question! I'm honestly not sure. I'll need to check my paperwork when I get back but I assume that the previous owner went with the "recommended" spring rate of 10k/8k. These coilovers are honestly quite good in my opinion. I find them very civilized around NYC roads and competitive when in the outer limits (update NY, etc).

I ordered the R bars from SOS. I paid a bit extra for the front bar to be painted black (personal preference). Was direct bolt-on other than having to cut out a small piece of the plastic undertray. As a side note, Larry was able to install the front bar without removing the front bumper. Since I had already asked for a coolant flush, he just removed the lower hose for quick access.

You should be pretty noticeable difference with the chassis bar and the front sway bar.

I definitely did notice more sharpness in the handling but not enough by simply driving on the highway. Ripping up some bends should help with that though lol.

Larry B is the best. He did the complete engine, hose, brake system maintenance on my car when I got it last year. I had to replace my clutch master and slave cylinder (they were leaking and I ran out of fluid several times. I ordered parts and was working with my brother in North Jersey on the install.

We had been working at it for sometime and after a conversation with Larry we determined we had bad parts. Larry lives about 40 minutes from my brother's house. He said to sit tight and got into his car with parts and made a house call to fix the car! This was on a Sunday!
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Phenomenal! That is true dedication and passion for the craft! Larry for Prez (again) lol. Beautiful car by the way and glad you got your maintenance issues resolved! Hope to run into you some time at a future event.
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Yeah larry is great, anyone who lives near us should only take it to him.
sorry to revive a 4 year old thread, but do you have a photo to show how the rear wheels 18x9.5 +22 fit against the rear fenders ? Does it stick out the fenders and rub the fender liners ?