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Should I drive the NSX to Houston for a 2-3 day trip?

17 September 2006
Spicewood, TX (Lake Travis)
I have a business trip next week and will be in the Sugarland area for a couple of days. Trying to decide whether to drive the NSX or my Ridgeline. Coming from Austin. You know which one I'd rather drive.

But I wonder if the car will be safe parked outdoors in the Sugarland area at my hotel.
Sugarland is generally a pretty safe area. It also depends which hotel your staying at. If your staying at the one at town center then you should be safe.
Sugar Land is a pretty nice area. I think it was voted top 1 or 2 places to live this year or last year.

Now, not to scare you, but I heard there were a string of cars being broken into in the heart of Sugar Land, Town Square. I was shocked, but my friend had her Audi window smashed. When they talked to the cops, they said there have been numerous cases of this.

This was a few months ago(2-3). I'm sure that has stopped. Also, I think she left her purse or something out that the deadbeats wanted.

Again, don't mean to scare you, just thought you would like to know.