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Should I run spacers on the rear?

14 June 2013
Hi. Just recently purchased a full set of BBS LM's for my 2000 Honda NSX. Its running 18x8 +40 fronts and 19x9.5 +35 on the rear. The fronts sit really nicely flush with the body but the rear sits to far in. Was thinking about putting 25mm spacers on the rear to give it more of a stance. Do you think this will wreck the handling? Also any tricks to stop the front wheels from touching the inner guards? Ross
That'll sit nicely in the rear.

Re: The front wheels.
1. Roll the inner lips of the guard (not my preference).
2. Shave up to 3mm off the inside hub of the BBS LM (also not my choice).
3. Go lower? Lower the car the more your suspension will create a natural camber.
4. Failing above, more camber / Camber kit.

Not sure on NSX's about camber related stuff tho?? My old NSX I was quite low but I had a lip kit all round and a set of Eibach springs which dropped the car 1.5" all round from stock. With my CCW's 18x8.5 235/40/18 (from memory) KU36 front and 275/35/19 KU36 rear I had no issues - but being CCW you will never know the correct offset as they are made by way of backspacing. When I lowered it those 1.5 inches it took on its natural camber arc, I never adjusted anything.

Might I suggest a smaller profile tyre instead?
Thanks for the advise. I don't think I could do that to the BBS's shaving the inner hub, OTR did a lot of research before we put the fronts on with a small tyre profile but it still rubs. Its quite annoying doing a 8 point turn in traffic because it rubs so much. Have kw v3 suspension and it sits really low was thinking about raising it tomorrow when the rear spacers go on because its hitting the guard when I hit a bump.
I had KW V3s in my old S2000. Loved them.
One of the best well priced alternatives.

Just raise it up a ring or 2. Make sure you do the back as well. Will look funny otherwise :p