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Shout out to "Coz" and "Red Wings." Thanks!

29 August 2009
Phoenix, AZ
As I have posted in other Threads, I have had a metal to metal rattle in the right rear of my 05 NSX. Figuring it was one of my shocks going out, I put a Thread out on the "Southwest-Phoenix" section and asked if anyone had a spare shock I could take to SOS so they could install it and see if the noise went away. Coz stepped up to the plate and allowed me to borrow the OEM shocks off his 91 NSX. Picked them up last week and off to SOS I go!

<O:p</O:pWent to SOS this morning and they found the rattle in only a few minutes without having to install Coz's shock. Even so, I was there and had a working shock for them to install to see if the noise went away if they were unable to locate it anywhere else on the car.
The purpose of this Post is to say "thanks" to Coz for stepping up to the plate for me! I had never met Coz before this and he was trusting enough to let me borrow a set of his shocks.

A second "thanks" goes out to Red Wings. He was kind enough to let me drive his NSX to see if I could replicate the noise with his car. Loved driving his car! Very nice specimen.

This site is a great tool for all of us!<O:p</O:p

Thanks Coz and Red Wings!<O:p</O:p
Yeah, Chase and Jim are great guys, as most of the other NSX owners that I've met. I still hope to meet you one day, and see your mythical unicorn in person (NSXPO 2010 is so far away that I've forgotten what it looks like :D).
Thanks bro!