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Show me pics of your Bung...On 91-94 that is...Wideband that is...

8 April 2004
Edmonton, Alberta
I have a new set of headers waiting to go on my car.
Since they are off and I will install a low boost whipple down the road, I thought this the ideal time to get my buddy to weld in an extra bung on each header.
I will simply plug them for now with the plugs that came in the oem spot.
Can anyone post pics of their install and experience.
I have read something about angle ups and what not.
We can make this the DIY and vault of knowledge thread for Bungs.
I have a 91 as indicated.
Thanks so much
Not sure if this helps Trev, Heres a few pics I took for u,
I have a AEM wideband UEGO controller module on the car, on a turbo setup the bung is after the headers, only 1 bung is welded on and used,I have plugged the original header bungs off.
Heres the link to the wideband controller I am running,




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Thanks, I appreciate that but thats your turbo system and I'm not at that stage yet!!! lol
I see the sensor is pointing downwards to the ground and not up.
Is there any reason sensor wise for that, that you know of?
this is kind of what i want to do but need to know where to weld this on.
Pic of each side would be great!


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Future wideband sensors
Afterburner fuel supply
You need to trial fit the header and mark off the location. Be careful to account for the various suspension components that you removed to install the header, especially on the rear header. What looks like a great location/fit becomes a big surprise on the final install.

For the front header, I initially installed almost vertical between the drive driver axle and oil pan. (RM headers at confluence of collectors) The rear is more of a problem--very little room (assuming proper upright install angle)

I felt that neither option was ideal. The rear was too close to axle and at confluence of headers (I questioned acurate exhaust sampling at this location) and I had already welded two bungs on the rear trying to get it right.

I opted to lose the cats and install 2.5" custom test pipes with bungs. Lots of room for a proper and clean install. Now I may need a new exhaust as my RM exhaust may be deafening.