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So Cal NSX Technician?

24 January 2002
Temecula, CA USA
Looking for an NSX technician in Southern California to start taking the toy to. Need the 60k service and installation on some Bilstein's.

I live between San Diego and LA. Anyone have any suggestions other than a local dealer?
Hi Todd -

Welcome to the board.

My recommendation is Autowave in HB. They did the pre-purchase inspection on my NSX and then did the timing belt, water pump, 60K mile service, etc. for me. Great work and they know the car very well. I've been there three times and each time they had at least four NSX's in. They're not exactly cheap but they are cheaper than the dealer.

I've also heard good things about Applied Motorsports in Oceanside.

BTW - and I swear I'm not trying to be a jerk... try the search function. This topic (like many others) has been covered in the past and you can probably save some typing that way.
Recommended independent shops in the past:
- Applied Motorsports (Oceanside)
- Niguel Motors (Laguna Hills)
- Autowave (Huntington Beach)

Don't forget to use the search function. Using a combination of terms such as "so cal", "orange", "los angeles", "san diego", "shops", etc. will help you find a number of recommened shops (both Acura and independent) discussed on Prime, particularly in the Southwest Region Forum.
Jon Martin at South Bay Acura in Torrance. He's the Service Manager now as well as NSX owner.