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Sohryu or Save???

If you had enough for a Arms Engineering Sohryu exhaust, would you buy or save???

  • JDM is the poop... Buy that exhaust...

    Votes: 8 42.1%
  • Save, save, save...

    Votes: 11 57.9%

  • Total voters
11 October 2007
Chino Hills
I'm in a predicament. I really like my ARK DT-X exhaust with Prospeed HFC. I'm thinking after my header install and tune, I may upgrade the exhaust to the Arms Engineering Sohryu exhaust. I can get delivered for $3,400. But I'm really thinking about saving that money too. Not to sure what I'm going to do. What would you guys do (assuming you are frugal and not a millionaire, or close to be one)?

I'll say this, you only live once.:wink: On the upside, when you decide to sell, you most likely get most {if not all} of your money back.
When I'm faced with a decision between upgrading an existing upgrade or saving the money, here are a few of the things I use as criteria:

-How happy am I with the existing mod?
-Why do I want to replace the existing mod?
-What will my total out of pocket be, after selling the existing mod?
-Are there mods that I have not done yet that I could put this money towards?
-Would the added enjoyment of the car be worth the money out of pocket?


Economy's going down the crapper. My vote is to save the money. It's an exhaust. That's a lot of money. Nobody but you and a handful of people will really have an appreciation for what it is and ask yourself is it really worth that much money? Wouldn't you extract more satisfaction/enjoyment in putting towards something else?
Buy it. I want to hear it. :biggrin: