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Some questions before agreeing to buy

25 June 2019
N Cent FL
- I saw a vid about some extras that come with the car: microfiber towel, fuel funnel, small model, larger model, hand drawing by the designer ... Is that still true? Should I care about them? (for future resale, etc)

- The car I'm considering is in TN whereas I'm in FL. What all would concern you about traveling 8 hours to buy a car without having actually seen it in person and touched it? In other words, anything I should ask the salesman to answer or take pics of before traveling all that way? I've purchased about 4 vehicles from out of my area previously, and 3 of the 4 were not-so-great. And this would be the farthest out of my area, so I'm def hesitant. This has ranged anywhere from the "new" vehicle having a lot more miles than I was told, to a 10/10 being more like a 6/10. Buy in your own area and if anything's not right you just leave. Can't really do that with the rare NSX.

- Are there known recalls for the 2019s? I see mention of a few recalls that seem to be for earlier years.

- Is there a way to locate the nearest NSX mechanic/expert? I've read about them, including some on this site I think, but would like to know where I will be able to find one when needed.
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For the model year 2019, the factory stopped giving away a model of your exact car. If you buy a ‘17 or ‘18, then you’ll get the model. And it’s truly YOUR car — right down to the ceramic brakes, the brake caliper color, the carbon extras, and the color of the interior. The tiny model you mentioned, is generic. Anyone can get one from the Acura web site. It’s $54.00.

The rest of the stuff you mentioned, still applies. The drawing package (the semi-opaque drawing, and the booklet with the model and options codes) was done for that specific car when it left the factory. Thus, if it wasn’t make specifically for you, then the Dealer’s name is on the drawing package. If you were to opt to later do the “NSX experience”, then you’ll need the Code from the Drawing Package. You’ll see it.

Out of the blue, Acura sent me a carbon fiber NSX money clip just the other day. It’s actually very cool! And it’s not the same one as available on the Acura web site. I didn’t ask for it. But I’m sure it’s because I’m so special.
Don’t expect a thing from Acura. I got the larger model and a worthless toiletries bag. I don’t know anything about the drawing and towel you mention. I also got a massive headache during my ownership dealing with a car that was plagued with problems.
Look at the mileage, condition and details when you are on site. I flew to Toronto Ont. to see my car and if you're dolling out 6 figures the car should match the cost. In Canada a lot of the extras didn't seem to make it but that shouldn't be the dealbreaker if you are planning on driving the car. About 1/2 way through the scale replica production, they stopped getting them made/delivered as the chinese sub was having issues.. again, that shouldn't be the breaker on a 2017.. make sure the recalls are done if necessary and get a good test drive in..

just do good diligence on the car

happy buying
Microfiber cloth is just for cleaning the touchscreen, nothing special. I think I got the same one with my Civic. Anyone who cleans their own car probably has a bunch of MF cloths already.

Fuel funnel is in the back of the trunk along with the other tools and tire patch kit. It is required if you need to refill the tank with a gas can, as the capless filler cannot accept a standard gas can nozzle.

Canadian owners never got the drawing and individualized list of options on the car, but did get the customized model. Nice to have, but shouldn't affect resale. If and when I sell my car, I'm keeping the model.

So far no known recalls of the 2019. As for local mechanic, just check you nearest Acura dealer to see if they are certified in servicing the NSX. Also, I recommend joining the 2nd gen owners group on Facebook. You can ask for recommended service centers on there.

Buying used is always a risk. Best thing is to get a pre-purchase inspection. The car should still be under warranty, at least. If it comes with wheel locks, make sure you get the key.
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I don't know about the funnel and towel. i guess I should open up the back of the trunk.

There were a series of thank you gifts from Acura that are sequenced over a year+ I believe.

The build sheet and drawing

The replica model of your build

The CF money clip

The little travel bag
“Build “Sheet”! Thank you. That’s the paper which contains your “unique ID”. Someone in the marketing department must have spent literally DOZENS of seconds thinking-up that monicker.

You’ll need to use that ID if you register for the NSX back-patting event at the factory.


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