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Someone hit my NSX. Any advice on how to handle the insurance claim?

25 July 2017
Someone made an honest mistake and blindly pulled into my lane (someone was signaling her it was clear), hitting one of my NSXs. She was really nice about it and I don't think I'm going to have to deal with any fault issues. Took documentation of the incident and her confirming fault.

Now the bad part begins - the insurance claim. I'm somewhat familiar with auto insurance claims (repairing the vehicle, loss of use, diminished value). That said, I'm not really familiar with exotics at all. I did a quick look online and it looks like a new OEM fender may not be available? I'm generally not ok with any aftermarket parts on my car or anything but perfect repair and fitment. I'm a little hesitant on the latter since the fender isn't steel. I have no idea what my options are on this. Does it just get totaled out? I'm in California.

I also am not sure how loss of use would work in this scenario, as a typical rental isn't a comparable vehicle, and while it's a specialty car, it is under 100k which I believe is the cutoff for exotics. Nor am I really sure how to accurately gauge diminished value. The market is all over the place with high owner cars with prior modifications, absent maintenance records, and prior paint. Mine is a very low owner # with full records since day and no prior paintwork.

This car was an investment. I have no idea how to gauge comparables short of hiring an exotic appraiser. I haven't seen them as being effective as they take the money and provide you with a report. If insurance doesn't like the report, then their report seems useless and I'm out exotic dollars.

I imagine some of those here have been through this before with their NSXs and have been unfortunate enough to have to deal with this. Any advice would be appreciated! Feel free to PM and I'll give you my cell if it is easier to discuss on the phone.
I have an agreed value policy....when the car is correctly valued you have more leeway....you need to find a repair shop with some nsx experience....reach out to local nsx owners.
Insurance will authorize a used fender.

CA insurance does not recognize diminished value. It is extremely difficult to get a pay out for it.

You do have a right to ask for a comparable rental car, value has little to with it. They can offer a cash payout instead of an expensive rental.

Good luck
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Sorry to hear of your misfortunes, Zak.

Seems like you keep having bad luck out in California, time to come back to the East Coast. I kid.

Maybe post in the NSX Parts Wanted (Gen 1) sub-forum what color and which fender you need.

It might end up being a lot of hassle, but definitely fight to keep the car from being totaled.
I was given a "choice" to not have my Civic totaled by accepting a check for comparable repair costs.

Best of luck with the repair efforts.
Any progress to report? My wife has been studying to get her insurance brokers license this Friday. This scenario has crossed my mind. I will ask her later today how she thinks this could play out with some hypothetical claim, loss, coverage, and actual reimbursement figures. Pictures are not necessary, thanks for staying positive :)
No progress, yet. They just assumed 100% liability. I believe my claim will be filed in the state of GA since that's where my address is listed. This may mean that the procedure is different. Still finding out.