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SOS Help

1 December 2009
If anyone in the NOLA region has a spare REAR rotor or two, please contact me immediately 480 204 2717

Need asap!

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Had to get creative.

Machined a spare front rotor down to fit on the rear. Wish me luck!
how much did you have to machine down? i went with a front BBK, and i have a set of OEM front rotors that i would like to put in the rear as well.

i would not recommend this process unless in an emergency situation!

The backspacing is different which required more material off the inner surface than outer!

OEM front rotor is 28mm thick vs OEM Rear is about 23.5mm thick. Had to take off to much for recommending the process to anyone else except in the case of an emergency!

Plus, the oem 97 spec rotors ARE slightly smaller in the front than rear which left a little bit of pad overhang!