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SoS White Gauge Faces

I am interested in buying the white gauges as well. But I fear letting a "professional" install them. Who would be considered a professional? The local stereo shop? A certified tech? My mom? Chris, can you give more info on this? Has anyone done a write up on how to do this conversion. Maybe the the Facts Nazi knows something I don't!
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Discussed here:

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I did it my self but have heard of two bad experiences out there. You need to grind a small vice grip needle nose plier to clamp the shaft and pry the indicator needle off. Calibration is a mother also. Warm the car up and mark all the indications inc idle rpm. Also, get a rpm reference at 40mph. Put needles on part way on their shaft so you can adjust. You might need to change the needle stops so all rest in same position with power off on car. Not for the meek but can be done. Dan