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Sound/tone matching engine rpm through speaker

29 June 2012

I just bought an NSX.

I have discovered that the amp in the footwell bass speaker is gone, which means the center speaker doesnt work either. The driver door is silent so I'm sure there's a problem with that amp too. The only working speaker for now is in the passenger door.

However, the problem is that I have an annoying sound through the speaker, that appears as soon as the stereo is powered up. It is not affected by the volume control. The sound is a tone matching the engine rpm. I'm sure it's the generator that is leaking in somehow.

Anyone has a good tip on what the problem might be? I have located one (very thin) ground cable coming from the ISO connected on the back of the stereo, and I have made sure it has a good ground connection. Are there more grounds that I can check? Or is it something wrong with how the generator is mounted? Or maybe this is also a symptom of the "bose sickness"?

Thanks in advance for your advice!

Richard in Sweden.
Hi Richard, Welcome and congrats on your purchase.

If the system is OEM then you are probably getting feedback through one of the defective amps in the other speakers. I would fix them first and then see if the other problem goes away.

NSXPrime member Briank repairs the bose amps and can save you lots of money compared to buying replacements. It's a common problem so if you buy used ones they may do the same thing in a short time. PM him for information.

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