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source for AP BBK rotors ??

13 May 2001
Chicago, IL
Looking for a source for ROTORS for the AP Racing BBK sold by RM Racing up till recently. A similar (improved) version was also sold by SoS, but this has also been discontinued.

Any sources for these rotors, please post them here.
Note: I also have a related thread in "Parts Wanted" -- see also http://www.nsxprime.com/forums/showthread.php?t=48203 <s>and I'll cross-link it to this thread</s>.

Thanks -- Manuel
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hi Manuel --

We offer the replacement discs for this kit. The price is $295.00 front, $265.00 rear. This price is per disc. The discs are available cross drilled or slotted and are cadmium plated. They usually take about 3-4 days for us to ship out.

We still offer the AP Racing system here:

take care,
-- Chris
Thanks Chris...

I've also since heard from Randy at RM, and while he no longer carries these products, he pointed me to his source for rotors.


Turns out my dealer and RM have the same supplier. In fairness to SoS, KVR Performance, RM Racing, and others who may have "proprietary" sources, I'll keep this vendor info private.

Thanks to Don Nowak (DONYMO) for the referral to OPM.

One source for these rotors is OPM Motorsports in Cumming GA --

Phone Numbers: (770) 886-8199 or (770) 889-7630 voice

Mailing Address:
2420 Oak Street West
Cumming, GA 30041

Contact Tom Fowler at [email protected] -- tell him Don and Manuel sent ya !!

I ordered 2 F / 2 R in plain-face (sans slots or holes) and it came out to just below $700 before taxes (!). Note that there are applicable upcharges for slotted/drilled and cad plating.
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