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spacer question??

4 May 2005
Ponte Vedra Beach, FL
YEA YEA YEA just like everyone else witha shallow pocket and a nesx i got the hp evo wheels. haate if u will. but the sales man from wheelguyz said no rear spacer and a 1/4 inch in front is what they sent me. is that ok of do i need to look for different size? i waited over a mopnth sadly for these wheels so i want to get them on and have the sicuation hanedeled correctly the first time so all feed back is apreciated.
It seems like you have what you need in hand to answer your question. Put them on with the spacers provided, and tell us how they work out. If there is no rubbing with the brakes, it looks like you've got a winner.

Don't worry about the Evos being really popular, or the fact that they are not expensive --- they are beautiful, and they look great on the NSX, so just enjoy them.
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