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Spare Tire

27 February 2000
Madison, WI
The driver's side front tire ran over a nail today on my way to get some pet food. I didn't notice the puncture until I was at the pet store parking lot. One thing I didn't know about the spare tire until now is that IT IS COMPLETELY DEFLATED WHEN STORED! I had to use the electical pump to inflate it up to 35psi before it can be used. That means I have to completely deflate it again before storing because there's no way it will fit in that tiny space fully inflated at 35psi. Acura told me they have to look at the punctured tire before deciding whether to fix or to replace.

Anyone had a chance to change to the spare?
I removed my spare/jack the day I purchased the car. Instead, I carry a simple plug kit in the trunk. By the time you take the tire off, fill up the spare and put it on, you could have easily plugged 3 holes. If by chance the tire gets destroyed, I'll call AAA for help. I think the weight savings is worth it.

A different view to think about.