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Speaking of scammers.... everyone is fair game.

19 February 2003
So I'm watching the new show on speed "Unique Whips" last night and some guy posing as an marketing exec for JP Morgan convices the shop to turn out a car quick for them. They did an expensive sound system for a Dodge Magnum, wheels, etc (probably about $30k worth) in a half day in hopes that JP Morgan would give them another 9 cars to do.

Turns out the guy had no affiliation with JP Morgan and was a complete scammer. The guy got away with it (so far)! They said the reason that the car was late for the scheduled delivery time is that it took the guy a couple hours to steal the car first. :eek:
I watched that episode last night as well.

The Unique owner (Will) didn't even take a credit card number? The show is edited so we don't get to see the whole conversation between him and the scammer. I wonder how Will thought he was going to get paid?

He lost rims, tires, audio components and all the hours of his staff's labor. An expen$ive lesson for Will.

Perhaps he can ask the phone company who had that number(s) registered to before it was disconnected..