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Specific on aftermarket amps/speaker install?

25 January 2002
Ventura, CA
Does anyone has specific how to installing aftermarket amps with after speaker using stock head.
Which wire is need to hookup to amps?
Thanks for reply
Is this who I think it is? If your wanting to improve sound quality, you need to go with an aftermarket head unit. The stock unit just doesn't give you the highs and lows that an aftermarket unit will. If your just going for power and volume, you can hood an aftermarket amp up to the factory unit with a high / low adapter. It hooks into the speaker wires going to the front/ or rear speakers and changes the signal into a low level signal. (RcA). Then you can fun a sgnal to your amp from this. If your running a four channel amp, you'll need two of them to go on the front two channels and one on the rear two channels. Then you'll have the capability to run a four channel amp, or even 5 channels if the amp is capable. If you need the colors of the wires to connect to, let me know.
Barn Man...
Hate to contradict the Barnman but the output of the head unit is already low level as the speakers have amplifiers built into them. Go to the FAQ and a wiring diagram is already there. You have to attach RCA plugs (female) to the outputs and then you can use a regular RCA cable to go to the amplifiers. I agree with Barnman about the advantage in sound quality to the aftermarket head unit. Look under the postings for more information regarding speakers. I posted a long reply previously in the do it yourself section. I am still in the process of doing up my head unit as well as a new subwoofer for my '97 NSX.