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Speed Glaze #80 good stuff.

26 June 2003
So Cal
Handwash in my Parking garage ruined my 93 Black BMW I had since new.

I was lazy and got my BMW to a hand wash in my parking garage.. Car came back all scratched up. I was WTF..... they denied responsibilty to the damage.. They were using dirty mits.. (Idiots). I took my car without paying for the wash..

Never let anyone wash your car!!!!.
I swear no one will ever wash my NSX especially with the new paint job.
So many idiots out there... never stops to amaze me.
How hard is it to wash a car correctly when it is your profession...

To fix the damage

I used PCDA with Speed Glaze #80 to get most of the scratches off.
#80 had some abrasive properties to it. So I'm not just filling in with fillers.
I vertify by using some glass cleaner after I worked some #80 on the surface.
The surface was still dark.

So Using PC DA polisher I....
Speed Glaze 2 times
NXT 2 times

Thanks Meguiars for having free tutorials. Gave me the cofidence and correct tool/product to do the job. Saved me a couple hundred bucks to pay for my PCDA polisher.

It was hard work. but it is as dark as Darth Vader's Helmet now.

The Speed Glaze #80 is pretty amazing stuff.