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speed start racing wheels

25 May 2005
I was curious if someone could help me out with figuring out a size for a wheel. i want the speed star racing sp1s ( the ones tireracks sells, and i know they arent the real ones but they look the same.) tirerack tells me i can only get them in 18s for the acura nsx. i want 18x8s and 19x9.5s. He said center bore and caliper clearance wont fit in the 19x9.5. Was curious if anyone can help me bc i know other guys have ran these wheels on this website but i tihnk they were running authentic SSRs. The center bore is 64 and is that the same as any other car??
I have ssr professor sp-1's on my car. They are the authentic version that was custom built for an nsx. My fronts are 18"x7.5" and the rears are 19"x9.5". Offsets are 43 front and back. They fit great and there is no issue with brake caliper clearance on my 92 w/ factory brakes. I dont know if big aftermarket brakes would have a problem- although there seems to be plenty of room. I dont know what the differences are between mine and the ones that tire rack sells. You should be able check the FAQ section here on prime for info on the center bores.