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SPF GT40 - Anyone got one?

15 November 2001
Chicago, IL, USA
D&M Motorsports is just up the road from my house. They are a dealer/assembler of the Superformance GT40. I have seen them up close and they are impressive machines.

I have been spending some time on the GT40 forum (gt40s.com) researching these. I noticed that a few owners either still have or have owned NSXs in the past. Just wondering if anyone on PRIME has had any firsthand experience with one of these.

Race Car Replicas also makes a nice GT40 (not quite as accurate as the SPF, but still very nice, especially for the price). Any thoughts on these?

Now, I'm not trying to compare the NSX to a GT40. GT40s are in a different league as far as price, driving effort, etc. Is it worth a substantial premium to get a car that is less safe, more cramped and only marginally faster (compared to a boosted NSX)? Well, either you love the GT40 and you "get it" or you don't - it is a true question of motoring passion.
Why not just go all the way and get the RCR SL-Coupe? The LS7 or TwinTurbo Toyota V12 looks like nice setups to me. Its like a street legal prototype car. And you can kick ass at the track on the weekends too!



This isn't going to replace your NSX right? If it is forget it and forget the GT40 replica.
I would like to keep this thread about NSX PRIMER's experience with the Superformance GT40 and/or the RCR GT40.

I am not trying to compare the NSX to the GT40. I think we all know the differences between these two cars.

And yes, there are many interesting ways to go fast lately. The Factory Five GTM, the RCR SL, the Ultima, the Atom, etc. Those cars are all interesting, but they do not have the heritage of the GT40.

I have vivid memories of seeing GT40s on the track at Road America growing up.

I have owned a NSX, and will probably own another NSX in the near future. But my ultimate goal is my ass in the seat of a GT40 thundering around Road America. One day, hopefully sooner than later, that dream will be realized. Hopefully it won't cost a hundred grand to get there. Maybe it will.
I think it's a terrific looking car and would be proud to have one if I had the time + space for such a toy. I should think any NSX owner old enough to remember Le Mans racing in the 60s would love it.