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SS Brake Lines - When to Replace?

5 June 2006
Metrowest, MA
Just put new SS brake lines on the car a few weeks ago and wanted to know what the expected life of these are. Is it based on a visual inspection? A certain timeframe and/or mileage? Thanks in advance.
That is a good question. I've had SS brake lines for eight years and I wonder if there is a specific life expectancey.
If the lines are coated they will last a long time. If the braid is exposed these should be changed about once every two years, depending on the dirt they are exposed to for street cars.

Exposed Braided lines will get dirt lodged in between the braids and this can grind against the internal hose and fail. On race cars with these type of lines we change them once a season regardless.

I believe the 1997+ lines are slightly longer since the calipers/rotors are slightly bigger. But.... if the listing stops at 2004 and not 2005 they should be OK, since 2002-2005 models are identical.