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Stacy's Sideskirt Party in Toronto

15 October 2002
West Vancouver
Stacy is possibly coming to Toronto to fit a set of his absolutely terrific skirts to my 02 (hopefully allowing him to sell to the many US 02+s afterward).

If you are thinking about skirts, ANY skirts, and live in Ontario, you must seriously consider Stacy's.

Ive read nothing but glowing reviews. He is out of Vancouver, so unlike basically every other part for our cars, you do not have to deal with border issues.

Should Stacy come out to TO, you would likely have the opportunity for him to personally fit the skirts to your car, which would save you some dough as you will not need a body shop to fit them. Paint'em, bolt'em, drive'em.

You can see his terrific work here: http://www.nsxprime.com/forums/showthread.php?t=54569

And you can read about what Primers are saying about his skirts here: http://www.nsxprime.com/forums/showthread.php?t=41304

This is a terrific opportunity for you to get great skirts, have the master himself fit them and save some dough in the process.
WOW !!!
What a great write-up "Master" LOL !!
I am not sure of this "master" title but I would love to sell a bunch of kits out that way.Would make a very,very long trip worth while.
again get in touch with me and we,as a group,will make arrangements of a date I could make it out there.The second thread that spa s2000 put up there is a lengthy one.The first thread is the "Signature Series kit"
and the second is the "Original".Please understand that the "Original" kit does sit 1.5 inches lower than stock and "Signature Series" is about the same height as stock.
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Nice Skirts! I bought WW kit 2 yrs ago, and notice a significant amount of warping along the edges, I also remember struggling with one that twisted when it was baked in the oven. Maybe when I get fed up with my WW set I'll switch to Stacy's? :smile: Will there maybe be a CF Type-R Replica Rear Spolier in the works next? :smile:
Stacy - Im on holidays now - Ill be back early next week. Ill get in touch then to try to figure timing out.

Com'mon all you TO wimps. You NEED Stacy's skirts.

Buy them. Buy them now. Do not delay. :D
Man, they look sweet! I'd love to do it, but I'm saving up for a major kitchen remodelling effort.. ugh. Let me know when you guys are doing the install, I'd love to come check it out in person.

Any sag issues with these skirts (similar to the WW problem) ?
No worries guys,we will let you all know when we are installing these and you all can come over and watch.Then at least it will be easier if you do decide down the road that you want a set.There shouldn't be sag issues because they are fiberglass and quite rigid.There are few sets sold now so you will hear peoples reviews soon!!!
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