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Stealth radar installation

5 April 2004
I finished my Beltronics RX75 Plus radar installation last weekend. This is a custom install radar detector that offers laser countermeasures. It comes with an optional display unit, or you can go completely stealth and just use the voice alerts and the LEDs. It also comes with an amplified speaker that can grab your attention even if you have a stereo that plays as loud as mine. This unit is not cheap, it retails for about $1200 uninstalled.

Everything included in the package is small. The unit where everything connects together via phone jacks is tiny and I hid it behind the clock. I tried to put it behind the center speaker but there just wasn't enough clearance with the speaker. You have to manage the excess wires well because that will determine how neat your install is.

Because the wire connectors use phone plugs, you will have to drill 2 holes. A unibit like the one below will make your life easier. Also pictured below is a picture of the PCV grommet I purchased to drill into the front hood area.



Each wire that comes front the sensors and blinders in the front bumper has a high quality grommet that you can use, but since you have 3 wires coming from the front, I didn't want to drill 3 holes. That's why I used the large grommet and then I pulled one of the Bel grommets through to fill it up.

Pictured below is what the grommet looks like once all the wires are pulled through. Notice the location of the pedal, you want to drill somewhere right around there because you may not end up in a good spot on the other side of the firewall.


This is where it comes out on the other side of the firewall.

The amplified speaker I chose to mount right in the original location of the center speaker. The speaker is just barely too large to fit between the original screw holes for the center speaker. So I just took my Dremel and a grinder bit and ground out just enough of the screw locations to stuff the speaker into the location. That by itself is enough to hold the speaker in place. I didn't want to take any chances so I took black hotmelt glue and put it in each corner of the speaker and now it's not going anywhere. Notice the ground out edges in the inside corner of each screw mounting tab.


Next was to get the rear license plate blinder wire ran up to the front of the car. There is plenty of cable. I chose to drill right near where the license plate light wires go into the trunk. From there, the cable was run through the factory grommets on the driver side of the car, past the TCS computer and down the center console. Here is a picture of where I drilled and pulled the grommet through. It's the wire and grommet on the left.

Next I decided to mount the display unit where it was easiest to see it and press the buttons on it. I took the double sided tape and mounted to the top of the trim bezel on the instrument panel. I had to grind out a small section of the trim bezel to run the cable behind. You cannot see this cable now. Keep in mind that this display is optional, you can rely completely on the speaker notifications and even use the LED module that it comes with.

There is a remote mute button that also allows you to adjust the volume of the speaker. I chose to mount that next to the TCS button and it almost looks like it came with the car now.


Finally, this is where I stuffed everything. Right behind the clock above the vent.


Properly sized convoluted tubing was used throughout the install to keep things neat. Power was taken from terminal 2 at the fuse box and a single power cable was connected to the amplified speaker and the radar unit. The other visible items are the blinder units in the front and back, and the radar unit in the front. Here are the pictures.



Overall the install is very neat and keeps my interior tidy. I turned off the X band because no one uses it anymore and I don't want my Bel turning into Chicken Little. That amplified speaker is LOUD. The voice warning is great. The display unit is great. I do pick up the Ka band from certain stores that use it and it's easily muted thanks to that handy button. I've made a couple AVI files for you to see the different power up modes.

This is the default mode
This is with X band turned off
This is how it is now in fast bootup mode

Additional photos can be found in my gallery.
I bought that same unit about 6 months ago and love it!
I had Competition Sound Works do my install. Way over my head for a DIY project.
They installed the LED readout where the clock is - or was. Fabricated a cool holder for the unit so it looks OEM with the dash.
Speaker is tucked under the glovebox - you can't see it even if you look for it.
Laser kill switch located on the steering column - easy access, hard to spot.
I'll see if I can post some pictures of the setup this weekend.
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BIG THANKS TO MALIBU, he did most of the installation on my RX75 last Sat. It took longer than expected since my is an 04 and most of the panel have never been remove yet, it took some work just to get some of the panel off to run the wires.

Overall, he (we) did a great job and looking good.. :biggrin: :biggrin: :biggrin:
Nice install!

One question: Would it be possible to place the radar unit behind the front bumper cover? I was under the impression that it radar passes through plastic more easily than it does glass. So this could be even MORE stealth, while still being more effective than a traditional unit mounted behing your windshield.