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Steering fault in 92/93 NSX

11 August 2012
Wantirna, Melbourne
Hi guys, I'm a new forum lurker and prospective owner. I test drove a nice black late 92 car here in Melbourne today and noticed an issue with the steering. As I started the engine and moved the wheel for the first time, there is a large dead area in the steering, basically it feels like the steering isn't connected between 11 o'clock and 1 o'clock positions. When I checked, it was actually moving the front wheels, but barely. It got better as the car started to roll but even at highway speeds you could still feel this large dead zone.

The car has power steering which I believe should drop out at about 25km/ph but this didn't feel like a power issue, rather more like a physical connection issue.

Do these cars have rack issues? Do they wear the centre of the rack and the areas a few degrees left and right of centre?

Car has only done 145000kms.

If it's a rack issue, what's the fix and approx cost?
Not trying to be funny but click the search button and typ in EPS (Electronic Power Steering) and you will read more than you can imagine. Good luck.
a 92 should not have eps........
Neither do 93's. Sounds like your rack needs repair/replacement

I believe the maximum service limit on steering wheel play should be 5mm per the Factory Service Manual. 11 to 1 "on the clock" is definitely out of spec.

+1 Sounds like the rack has a serious issue and you may want to double check underneath for any missing bolts in the steering system, it can happen.

Here are the parts and picture:

Thanks guys, the car definitely has power steering, but not sure if it's electric or not. Build date is 11/92

The steering is so well weighted it's really hard to tell if its power assisted over 40 km/ph.
If the car is auto, u hv power steering.
But it's electric, also known as EPS.
If the EPS lite on the instrument panel is not on, then the issus is the rack that may need new bushings which is available from vendors such as SOS, or adjustment!
Honda didn't offer power steering in manual cars from 91-94 so if you have power steering it was done aftermarket.
Definitely factory. My research tells me that Aussie and Japan had PS before the USA so it must be one of the early cars. I drove two cars on the same day. built 10 cars apart around the Christmas period of 1992 and both had power steering.