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Stereo Modification

15 August 2000
Agoura, CA
Has anyone here made any modifications to the stock stereo system? I find that it has a very weak bass output, and I am looking into adding a subwoofer and perhaps replacing the front door speakers by something more powerful. The problem, however, is that there is hardly any room to install a subwoofer without sacrificing a significant amount of legroon in the passenger-side footwell. Does anyone know about an already-built housing box for a subwoofer that supposedly exists for the NSX to accomodate a subwoofer? any suggestions for a small subwoofer which fits nicely? or do you care to share you own experiences with modifying the stereo? Thanks for the help.

p.s. I don't listen to rap, so I don't need a ridiculously high amount of bass, just a decent amount to fill the sound nicely. I listen mostly to rock and alternative stuff.

Thanks again.
BB, I've revamped my system to an Alpine CD head unit, Boston Acoustics door speakers, Boston 10.5" sub in passenger floor panel (still plenty of leg room for a leggy female passenger!), & an extant amp in the trunk (in place of tool kit). I'll post pics as soon as I take 'em, but for now, let me describe how the center console was modified. A large rectangular area was cut to remove the narrow LED tuner display & the stereo menu display below it. The remaining open space where the preset station buttons used to be, was filled-in using a fitted scrap metal strip & epoxy. The hardened epoxy was wet-sanded to blend w/ original console piece. Entire console trim was then re-dyed to match factory gun-metal finish (rather than repainted). Generic aftermarket stereo faceplate adapter mounted behind console trim holds unit in place. In addition, a cell phone holder was fabricated where shift pattern map used to be & cup holder was fabricated where square coin holder was. The fit & finish look awesome, & if you didn't know any better, it looks factory & one of a kind! Hope this gives you some idea, it can be done tastefully, good luck.
BB, forgot to mention, the installation was professionally done by the previous owner, who is also a master installer at a high-end A/V retailer in VA. Go to BostonAcoustics.com & go to installation icon to see "Chuck's NSX", pics of the sub in the floor board, BTW the sub box was custom made out of fiberglass.