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Exhaust STMPO messiah exhaust UK Will ship worldwide.

28 November 2009
This item is here with me in the UK.

Anyone within the UK or Europe. Import duties and taxes in to the UK have been paid on this item when i imported it.

Copied from the UK thread.


I am selling my Stmpo Messiah exhaust system.

Base system from stmpo costs $2000 plus options, import duties, taxes and shipping.

I had the system upgraded to include cat looking pipes (fake). I also had the system zirotech coated, this is arguably the best ceramic coating available in the uk. This was done from where it joins the headers up to and including the x pipe, didn't see the need to do the ends. I also upgraded the tips, I've had Augus style silences tack welded inside which you can have removed if desired and I upgraded the VBand clamps to better ones and also had cometic custom made gaskets to my specification which I had a few spares made also.

Reason for sale is I'm going for a different route.

I loved this exhaust, the best I have heard in person or any clip, it's offers them best free flowing design and being stmpo quality is right up there.

I will mention this system is not for the faint hearted it sounds totally cool but is fairly loud.

I've not decided on a price yet as this was a very expensive system with upgrades and options. Import duties and taxes. Probably cost close just north of £2500.

Im currently open to offers.

Now the system. It's not like usual Nsx systems it's more complete, it bolts up to the headers and not to cat pipes. It fits my aftermarket headers not sure about factory. Guessing their the same? Possibly not, not entirely sure.

Have a look on Www.stmpo.com for more info and search Nsxprime.com

This is in the uk and off my car, it's probably done around 3000 miles.

Please contacted me if your interested.

Willing to ship worldwide.


I have looked up prices and because of the upgrades and the taxes and international shipping paid from the USA I am going to ask.

$1900 (£1175) plus paypal and postage.

This is good value for anyone within the UK or Europe because the taxes paid.

Please PM me for more info.

Update: Postage is now included in the price to USA and Europe!! Insurance will be additional.
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Here are some pics :D

I've worked out postage to USA for someone. From the UK to USA it comes to $180 insured but i am happy to include $100 in the price so just $80.








Cheap shipping!

A monthly bump but with some videos :D

Please see my note above regarding shipping, it's all boxed and weighed ready to be shipped. Postage costs are very reasonable because it will pay the majority out of my own pocket. only $80 shipping i think that included insurance, the price was over twice that but i've decided to swallow majority of the cost.

This is a very rare piece i believe STMPO is no longer making any more Nsx parts, i may be wrong.

I'm going to include free postage to Europe and USA in the price, insurance will be additional. But i would highly advise. System is boxed ready, all parts bubbled wrapped and placed in a Mac Pro box which is thick and sturdy.

I'm surprised i still have this for sale i think people are put off by my location within the UK, so including postage resolves that issue.