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STMPO race products - New product offering –Darkened JDM Style Tail Lights

25 March 2003
tempe, az
For the month of August we will be shipping these on exchange for 300.00 (400.00 deposit on the exchange). We will be offering these for $349.45 (400.00 deposit on the exchange) after this special.

Stmpo Race Products JDM Style Tail lights are sanded and buffed before applying a top of the line toned clear coat. Sanding takes off the factory etching for a clean and flush finish.

If you have older tail lights, the darker lenses hides all evaporation seen on the stock lenses after time has taken it’s toll on your plastic.

We sell these on exchange as we have a few sets boxed and ready to ship. We inspect all lights for cracking and evaporation before they are used for exchange. A deposit will be taken until we receive and inspect your exchange tail light set.

Your current lights can be used instead of exchange if you would prefer. Total time for the delivered part is just a little longer than on exchange but available for those who request it.

Stmpo darkened tail lights offer a higher quaility finish than any other option available currently (Tint overlay - expensive JDM replacements)

We offer these lights in 3 color tones

1) sanded and cleared (completely clear)
2) Mid Tone Shade (similar to the JDM lights)
3) Dark Tone (seen n the before and after pic’s of the GP White NSX)

We currently have 2 sets of the Dark tone ready to be shipped on exchange.

Feel free to contact us to place an order.

[email protected]

or call the shop at 480-889-1482


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Re: STMPO race products - New product offering –Darkened JDM Style Tail Lights

We have one more full set of lights in stock at this time for an exchange...