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Stole my wife's NSX

9 July 2008
Hello all,
My name is Jeff, I am vietnsexy's husband. As some of you may know from her posts we are in Central Valley CA and recently purchased an NSX. I guess it was the next logical step after the S2K sale. Anyway, 1 month after the purchase we found out we are pregnant with our first child. Now and due to her pregnancy, she is driving the G (especially in this heat).
Now I don't want to give the NSX back to her. I have actually been driving it to work lately I like it so much.

Anyway, I am only on this site to find some local enthusiasts to meet up with. I told her to post up but she just told me to register and do it myself so, here I am.
Any one local who would want to meet up every now and again with us? Dinner with wife/SO followed by coffee or a relaxing drive? If its a spirited drive it has to be just me for obvious reasons.
We are in Sac often as we both attended college/grad school there and have family and friends. Her parents live in Modesto so we are there often as well.
This car has got me excited again and back into the scene.
Jeff... admit it, man. This was your plan all along, right? :biggrin:

In my experience, there are quite a few owners who would drive a little to get together. The best way to get people together is to just post up a specific suggestion. You'll be surprised how many people will come out when given enough advance notice. Keep in mind, however, that the responses may come very late. Sometimes people show up and don't reply. There will always be last minute adds and deletes. Oh, and you'll ALWAYS have someone suggest a different day/time/location so don't let that discourage you. :wink:

Welcome to Prime!

welcome and congrats on the car and pregnancy! definitely post up some suggestions and im sure you'll have people willing to drive to it :)
Welcome first of all - I was in your area a few months back picking up my Hayabusa :)

don't you mean to say "we found out she was pregnant with our first child." haha Just messing with you cuz I was reading this pregnancy book and they had all these rules about do's/dont's...:wink:

Good job snatching the car, see ya around!