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Strange clutch problem, please help!

15 November 2001

I have a 94 NSX 5 speed, and the clutch is having a strange problem. Everytime I let the car sit for greater than 1 week, the pressure on the clutch is completely gone. No resistence at all, and the gears won't engage. I have to let it warm up for about 20 minutes before it will work. Any idea what this might be? This pressure problem also happens with the brakes once in a big while. Any ideas would be great. Thanks!
I agree,try pumping the pedal 10 times before you put it in gear to see if this helps.That may get you to the shop without a tow truck.


97 NSX-T
93 Supra TT BPU+
After driving for a while I notice the pressure gets lighter then when first started. Is this normal or should I have the slave/master cylinders checked out?

I also have a harder time getting the car into 1st gear when cold, but is normal afterwards. I assume this is due to cold trans fluid.

92 Red/Blk