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Suggestion on Buffer??

23 July 2003
Seattle, WA.
Hi, besides the nsx, I feel the need of waxing my other cars and also my parents. However, I can't afford to buff, polish and waxing all by hand. (Which is very time consuming if I'm going to do more than 3 cars)... Out of my 15 yrs history of maintaining cars I had never use any machine. I always scared of myself ruining the clear coat or something...

Any particular brand or type of the buffer would you recommend??

thanks in advance for any response.

Porter Cable Dual Action or Meguiars. they are the same unit but Meguiars cost a bit more. It come with pads and carries a life time warranty on the unit.

Check out some Meguiars demo videos.. You pretty much cannot damage your paint unless you are very careless .
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I use the Porter Cable as well. But you need to make sure you use the right pads as well. I use the Griot's Garage stuff.

BTW - I don't know that the buffer will really save any time. But wear and tear on the body shoudl be reduced when doing multiple cars.