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Summer all most done and my is car ready

8 February 2012
Mates of Canadian NSX Owners this is finally the time to show pix of my toy.<O:p</O:p

At first the project was to install a GT300 eight parts kit....bad idea very bad idea I wont mention it but those kit are not what they look like they are seriously crappy it can take more then 100 hours on each side of the car just to try to fit them correctly (fenders+quarters) plus they can crack in installation.<O:p</O:p

So all that said we decide to stick to basic my car was repaint completely at is original state, we took are patience in hands to dismantle everything I mean everything I cant be more specific on this issue all was out.<O:p</O:p

The car was born as a red coupe black top and rear lower valance black It turn out that plenty people in the street is giving me two thumbs up for the refurbishment of this antique twenty years old car.<O:p</O:p

Check out those pix of a rainy day in <?xml:namespace prefix = st1 ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:eek:ffice:smarttags" /><st1:City w:st="on">Montreal.</st1:City>
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Important special thanks to Luc and is team from auto-design.ca for the work they done it’s art work at is best :)












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Looks mighty fine. No school like the old school. A nice front lip and you're done!
Yep just wondering OEM or Seibon, almost sure I will set the small OEM lip, in the meantime I enjoy it 100%, by the way you do miss your black stallion I can feel it.
Actually I got a give credit to the previous owner, this is a CF emblem sold for trunk or hood, same size of OEM but the iner black section is in carbon fiber, check it out in any auction sites
looks brand spanking new. i like the the centre taillight was painted; works really well sometimes.
Montreal is a plasant place to be around pass by sometime and enjoy F1 races they are one of a kind in the continent always third week of june.
You car look amazing, congratulation!