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Summer Projects/ Summer run

17 July 2007
Edison, NJ & Washington D.C.
The weather has been gorgeous and seeing as my friends and I are all headed home from college we wanted to plan out a run, at the very least re-hashing the awesome run Don planned out last year.

Not sure when or where, but I wanted to let everyone know that when it eventually happens you're all invited.

ALSO- I am starting a project to create a website as a resource to non-driver car owners (i.e.- people who don't know everything there is to know about the many uses of a torque wrench like you folks) where we will be creating a guide of how-to and posting laymans terms reviews of new cars. I will post a link once the website goes live, I'm developing it as we speak. I'm just getting the word out so that I can potentially get some feedback from the wisdom available to me.

Thanks a bunch!
Josh Offsie