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Supercharge nsx mileage since install?

25 January 2002
Ventura, CA
I will eventually purchase SC for my 91, but wanted you guys/gal mileage of use on the SC since install? I am concern about the reliability factor cause I plan to keep my 91 for a long time. I currently have 69,000 miles.

Secondly, my 91 has all the performace upgrade including: short gears, 4.23 R/P, I/H/E, lite flywheel, rm clutch. I was at last month meeting at CalCoastal Meeting and had the privilege riding in a Comptech SC 91 with stock tranny no header but with exhaust. Needlessly to say I was not impress, but he was not push above 5500 rpm.
Just curious if my car could take on the Comptech SC with no other mods. One person I spoke to said if I can take on a C5 0-80mph, he doubt the SC would give a lot bang for the buck. If the SC 91 take me more than 5 car length I would consider Basch SC. Otherwise, just blowing money.
Thanks for the reply
If you were concerned that you hurt the reliability of the NSX by installing any supercharger, I would have to say yes. But the effect should be very small. I would think the biggest reason for effecting the long-term reliability is that it is so much fun to unleash the ponies. I find that I am in the throttle more now than before I had the supercharger. I don’t seem to have as much control over the behavior of my right foot.
I have a Comptech SC on my 91 and the differences are pretty dramatic. You can definitely feel the extra 90-100 hp. The differences are not subtle. The Comptech is a clean compact installation and does a nice job.
Mark Basch’s supercharger would be the way to go for the best performance. Mark’s supercharger produces significantly higher power and has less engine drag when the supercharger is not under load. It is a super clean installation and can be removed with much less effort than the Comptech.
I would expect that I should easily be able to get close to the same engine life with or without the supercharger. However there is more life in the engine with the supercharger!
My SC 91 also had short gears, 4.23 R/P, I/H/E, lite flywheel, and an rm clutch. The only thing that broke was the supercharger itself, replaced under warranty.

Mileage was about 14-17 to the gallon, mixed hwy/city.

Boost is weak below 5k. It's too bad your pilot wouldn't push it harder for you.
Originally posted by multisync23:
Boost is weak below 5k. It's too bad your pilot wouldn't push it harder for you.

That's odd. My CT boosted NSX is over 200 lb/ft of torque from 2.5K to redline. Definitely noticeable over stock...
Originally posted by Number9:
That's odd. My CT boosted NSX is over 200 lb/ft of torque from 2.5K to redline. Definitely noticeable over stock...

Its clear that Danny's perception of the SCNSX was distorted by the test drive he recieved. I would 'guess' that his host did not have his right foot 'hammered', if he also would not exceed 5.5k rpm's. The two behaviors go hand and hand, in my experience.
An SC'd NSX, wether its CT, or GM, or BBSC is an exciting car to drive. Many of my customers say the same thing after the first drive- the car is NOW what it should have been all along- VERY powerfull, instead of just fast.
Also Danny, as to your first question about milage and reliability- Roy is probablly correct that some, even small change in long term reliability is likely but it is unlikely to be a problem you will ever have to address. Maybe it will mean that compression will be down 6 per cent at 100k instead of 4 percent, but who cares. Its a numbers difference rather than a difference that will cost you or affect you in some other negative way. I have SC'd several NSX's that were already in excess of 100k and they have 20 or 30 k miles so far with NO issues. Also, I have several customers who have already put 50 or 60 k miles on their SC NSX's with NO trouble at all.

If a SERIUOS change in the cars personality is something you want, If a ZO6 killer, or a P-Car killer is something that excites you, go for the blower- it will AWAKEN you.

Mark 'Boost" Basch
Originally posted by bonzo:
Mark, I am trying to private a few questions about the BBSC to you--is your profile up-to-date? My email bounced back....my address is "[email protected]"...

As some of you may know, Cox had a major meltdown and unlike my e-savvy NSXBretheren,
I have not yet fixed my Cox e-addy so as Ken suggests, all mail should go to [email protected] for now.

Hey Danny-

I guess I never noticed that you are from Oxnard. I live in Camarillo and have a Basch Boost. I just got my car back from Mark's shop. It was not at the last CalCoastal meeting if you recall. The BaschBoost system has just had the last major pre-production hurdle (the fuel system) sorted out. It runs like a champ! If I were to give you a ride, I think there would be no doubt in your mind about getting one!!

See ya at the next meeting & prepare to be impressed!!

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Sexy Red, The test drive you received was to hear the new anytime exhaust and not to demonstrate the super charger. You knew getting into the car that I believed that I was having a problem with a bad pressure switch and did not want take a risk and run up to full boost.

....Not to mention that two NSX's racing up and down a main street in front of a crowded restaurant at 9:00pm is a total bust.....and dangerous.

Now, I don't understand how, after being told that the car wasn't (IMO) receiving the correct amount of fuel....that it was down on power and that I wasn't going to take a risk, you would volunteer any opinion on a product?

Having said that.... what was that howling I heard from the passenger seat when I did stomp on it on the freeway on ramp??? Even after I voiced my disapointment on the lack of power you seemed to be quite impressed.

For those of you on the fence about a CTSC it is without a doubt a seemless system, that provides a tremendous amount of power with a very lineal, smooth delivery and with the proper fuel delivery, seems to be a very safe way to more power.
After this weekend autocross at Camarillo. Here is my impression now: While in the Comptech SC I responded with a OH Sh.t all the way through the ride. The Comptech SC boosted early in the rpm way below 4000rpm. Definitely this is the way the nsx should have come from the manufacture.
As far as boosting a car, I can definitely say it is addictive. What a rush.
Thank you
P.S. The Comptech SC nsx was Ken from Factor X.
P.P.S. Sorry craig. Now I know what SC can do.