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26 September 2000
Which SuperWhite bulbs are you using? How do you like them? How much did they cost?

Is there anyone running the one from RM?

Are they all plug and play?

I've seen some post where the new SuperWhite bulb didn't fit exactly?? Is this true?

Thanks for all the help

Are there actual HID conversion kits that is made for the NSX? I thought that the HID kits were too big for the lights assembly, so the plastic piece that covers the back of the bulbs wouldn't fit. bMeaning, if you drove it in the rain, the water would leak onto your HIDs. Anybody out there actually using HIDs with great results?
Yes, there are HID retrofit kits available and will fit the NSX. I will be launching a HID groupbuy in a day or two...I will post the information on this website. The kit that I am offering has been in stalled on an NSX and is of very high quality. All Philips ballasts and Xenon bulbs.

I will have installation pix on an NSX for everyone to see.

There is one step which needs modification, and that is the metal retaining clip around the socket where the 9006 bulb goes. You need to carefully file it down to increase the diameter. That is basically it.

Expect the price of the HID retrofit kit to be in the neighborhood of $500.

More details in a couple days...

I am actually using the JDM Type S HID unit ( Transformer , Invertor , Bulb , Housing ).
The back of the housing is different.
The Philips HID is good too , I had it on my Type R .