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Sway Bar Bracket Questions???

8 July 2005
I'm thinking of removing my front comptech sway bar and putting the stock one back in (New York Roads To Rough) I can't remember if the stock sway bar uses the same brackets ( the u shaped ones ) as the comptech.... I know the bushings are different but is the bracket??
Just a guess, but I think the brackets should be the same. The bushings are about the same - they just have a varying size hole depending on the diameter of the sway bar.

I have 3 sets of sway bars - but not the Comptechs. Hope this helps.
Brackets "should" be the same. Bushings will more than likely (99% certain) be different.

Whats funny about swaybars is, my ride was smoother and plusher going from Type R front/oem rear to dali street/track front and rear, lol.