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T.O. area Insurance cost?

20 March 2005
Mississauga, Ontario, Canada
Just quoted $3400/year for pleasure use max 1200km /year.
Full coverage $500 ded. for 95 T.
I am over 40 have 1 minor moving violation...no claims.

Seems kinda high to me....haven't shopped around yet.

Like to hear from you guys as to what you are paying and name of insurer.


Im around $2300/year with a $5k deductable (lowest allowed for car over $100k replacement, 2002). 35 years old. No tickets in 15 years. No claims. Includes 10% discount for other vehicle and home insurance package.
Just got a 91 a few weeks ago and have $ 1000 deductible. Came in at about $ 3000.
No recent tickets and no claims, 44 yrs old.

92 NSX $5500/year for pleasure use with 500 deductable, no ticket, 25 years old
Wow, that's pretty high! I have mine registered for regular driving, but for low mileage (under 12km's each way to work). I'm 36, and I pay around $1600 a year, with a $500 deductible. I have a 6-star rating, no at-fault accidents, no tickets in recent memory, but two major claims in the past 3 years. (One to replace a 2002 Grand Cherokee that was written off in an accident, and one to replace a 2004 MDX that was stolen). I also have 2 other vehicles and my house all on the same policy, so I get multi-car and multi-line discounts. This is with State Farm.
I'm paying just under $1,800 a year for full coverage. I've got 2 cars, and 2 drivers. In the winter I'll change it to comprehensive only which should bring this down under $1,200 a year. No accidents, no tickets, married.
94 NSX, 26 years old, 6-star rating, $2400/year for full coverage 500 collision, 1000 comp, 20,000 kms a year, includes 12% multi-vehicle discount. I'm with TD Insurance. I might play with dropping the kms..but I think I'll be driving a lot.
I pay a nominal $100/month for full coverage, $1,000.00 deductable on a 1991 NSX. I have 6 cars with varying levels of insurance on all as I only carry full coverage on the ones being driven daily. I can't fathom on why the rest of you are paying so much for insurance. I thought the $1,200.00 was high.
Here it's less than 1200 a year for pleasure, no mileage limit, 200 deductable, 5 million liability, 60k value. Only problem is you have to live in Manitoba where there are no, none , zero roads worth driving on.
Still looking for an NSX I can "afford". While I'm at it I phoned my friendly insurance agent.

Well, the NSX is rated by my insurance company as a 60/34. What does that mean? Well My son's RSX is a 32/28. I'm still waiting for an exact quote in the next few days but I fear the worst.

Where do you insure such a car for what it is and the good probability that the distance traveled per year will be very low?

I read some older threads, prices are all over the board and it can't just be due to individual circumstances.

It would be helpful if folks named the insurance companies who offer a reasonable premium.

good ole insurance... looks like i wont be getting my NSX this spring after all... from "no im sorry we cant insure you" to $895/month... still looking tho.
Arshad said:
$895/month! :eek:

You are in probably the worst category, 19 year old single male.... but still!

I'm a 20 year old single male, and when I get insurance this spring it'll be only $100/month less than that. One minor accident when I was 17, that's it.
I pay $1440 per year on my 04 STi. I'm going to check with my insurance company tomorrow to see what they quote me on an NSX. I'll let you know what they have to say.
Btw. I'm 30 with a clean record.

wow...i am paying $6500/year for a 92, 500 deduct,and i am 19.
try state farm, they are cheaper compare to other company i have asked!!!