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Taitec GT009 vs GTLW with test pipes

26 June 2012
Does anyone have any experiences with both exhausts. I love my GT 009 but I had to loose my rear valence (02+) which I really like as well. I am contemplating switching to the GTLW with Test pipes. Is this exhaust high pitched in the upper rpms like the Gt 009? I am not a fan of the Taitec Diffuser otherwise I would get it and call it a day.

Is there anyone in the Bay Area running this exhaust with test pipes that I could meet up with.

I had the center exit GTLW with test pipes and then I went with the high flow cats from Random just to tone it down. I had a comptech SC and my car was LOUD and the GTLW droned. I liked the sound, I also had a taitec JGTC center-exit that I had on the car originally and although slighly heavier I liked the sound better and it did not drone. So I sold the GTLW and went back to by JGTC
Ha! no wonder you never sent me the pictures of your bumper, i ended up buying the taitec valence. But i heard the center its pretty loud. Good luck on your search.
hahah - Nico you are right. I tried to modify the rear valence but it came out looking bad. I thought about the Taitec valence but I need to see it in person to make a decision.

Send me some pics of your car with the Taitec Valence. I am sure it looks great.

in regard to the other person the Taitec center exit sounds noticeablely different than the single side exit that I have. That is good info in regard to the GTLW and the drone.

I still think that the GT 009 sounds amazing and I really do not want to loose the sound but I need to figure something out with my rear valence. If anyone has any pics or imput it would be appreciated.
Well sucks to say but the prime member that i had a deal with back on me and sold the diffuser to another member, seems like some members don't know how to respect a deal so now I'm in the hunt for another one. I saw a Df diffuser for sale but i never seen one installed on a car. Whenever i find a diffuser ill send you some pictures. Nico
BluryNSX is local and has the GTLW center exit / no cats / Taitec diffuser combo. I forget whether he has headers or not. He doesn't make it out as much anymore but that's one guy to check out for sound.

Dahlsim is semi-local and comes out more often and has a custom one-off exhaust with the DF diffuser (Taitec copy) if you want to check out just the look of the valence.

Whatever you do, don't sell your GT009 until I get to hear it! It's one that I've been wanting to hear for years now :smile:

If your exhaust is super loud, you three should have a contest to see who's loudest (both of theirs SCREAM!).

Where in the Bay Area do you live work. Maybe we can try and meet up.

Nico that sucks about the diffuser good luck finding another
Live in Fremont, work in Burlingame.

Edub has been wanting to set up a Friday night meet but the weather has gotten cold at nights all of a sudden