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Taitec gtlw vs jgtc parallel

8 August 2012
New Smyrna Beach
I am considering both exhausts for my N/A build on my 91. The prices of the two are so close it won't be a factor in the decision. I have also tried to get and idea of what they would sound like from clips off of YouTube, but haven't found any really good ones. I would love to hear from you guys on the performance/ sound advantages to both. I will also be changing from the stock cats to either high flow cats or the resonated test pipes and would like to know what you guys think would pair best with the exhausts. Thanks in advance for the help and advice.
I forgot who has it, maybe Synth19 but someone has the Taitec GTLW with resonated pipes and it sounds great. There's a vid on youtube but its also on Prime somewhere.

Here's a generalized way to break-it-down ala comparo between the Taitec GT-Lightweight & JGTC-Parallel:

  • ~16lbs
  • +8-10rwhp
  • possibility of droning/resonance
  • reasonably good durability
  • high'ish treble/pitch sound
  • canister can blow-out
  • w/ test-pipes / no cats, loud'ish
  • best when paired w/ AIS, after-market headers, test-pipes or high-flow cats
  • sounds more like torque'y sports-bike than track-ready race'car

  • ~28lbs
  • +8-10rwhp
  • no droning/resonance
  • very durable in terms of construction/fabrication
  • full-on bass/robust sound
  • canisters don't blow-out
  • w/ test-pipes / no cats, too loud (may need applicable silencers)
  • best when paired w/ AIS, after-market headers, high-flow cats
  • sounds more like track-ready race'car than torque'y sports-bike

Just me 2-pence...
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I have both in the center exit format. Personally I like the gtlw except for the drone. So I sold it and I kept the jgtc. I do like them both but the jgtc sounds so much better.
I have the gtlw with test pipes and headers. I love the sound and get a lot of compliments on the track. But know this it is very loud! No drone, but if you put the cats on its not to loud for the street.
I got GTLW on my car together with Prospeed high flow cats


I've also installed TopSpeed headers, which I think makes it sound slightly more aggressive and after the headers installed does seem to significantly reduce the drones at that lower rpms.
I would suggest to change your header if you are going for the GTLW.

Here's an old clip. Hope it helps.

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I have the GTLW with SOS Headers. When I first got the exhaust I had the stock manifold, and the difference is amazing. Much less drone with the headers.
I have the JGTC and after about 5,000 miles the sound settled in and it sounds great. It has low rumble at idle, and at WOT it sound like a chorus. The GTLW on the other hand has a higher pitch to it, and at WOT it sounds like a high school garage band. It's very loud and sometimes irritating, but you know with age you will tolerate it a little more.

For the more mature ear, go with JGTC. For the adolescent ear, go with the GTLW. However, either one without cats sounds like $hit and is intolerable both inside and outside the cabin.
I get many compliments at track events for great sounding car....gtlw+DC headers with cats.Without cats the volume of sound is increased,but so is the brassy tones on throttle lift.
Ok so the jgtc sounds better than the gtlw, and I knew the gtlw is 15 lbs lighter. Is that small amount of weight that big of a difference on handling? Also for a street nsx everyone seems to say go with the high flow cats. So looks like the jgtc and the high flow cats might be the way to go.
Keep in mind it's weight at the rear of the car. Check SOS for their exhaust comparison too-
Ok so the jgtc sounds better than the gtlw, and I knew the gtlw is 15 lbs lighter. Is that small amount of weight that big of a difference on handling? Also for a street nsx everyone seems to say go with the high flow cats. So looks like the jgtc and the high flow cats might be the way to go.

15lbs makes a big difference, if you are racing. For normal street driving probably not. The weight is the farthest back so It has a greater arm to multiply the weight by. "weight times arm = moment"
I absolutely hated my GTLW. Sold it in 2 weeks. I do like the JGTC. Wish I had bought that instead.
I agree with the weight savings of the GTLW but if you're coming from stock you are still saving the weight. So for me I wanted the sound after I had the GTLW on my car. I can lose 15lbs in me LOL

From the first day I bought my car to date are all my exhaust configuration with the engine setups:

1) NA Stock Exhaust: needed more noise plus power
2) NA BB exhaust stock headers: low and nice
3) BBSC BB exhaust, Comptech headers, stock cats gutted. LOUD tone but seems raspy. I still liked it
Blew out the baffle and had a strong rattle. Had it repaired under warranty and it is in the attice.
4) BBSC JGTC center exit, CT headers, test pipes. LOUD and much nicer. I loved this setup.
5) NA JGTC center exit, CT headers, test pipes. See above if fact I loved this setup more since no more SC noise to block the exhaust note
6) CTSC JGTC center exit, CT headers, Random tech cats, Still loving it
7) CTSC GTLW center exit, CT heaers, Random tech cats, LOUD and droned. I wanted to save weight
8) NA GTLW center exit, CT header, random tech cats, LOUDER and DRONED heard more since I sold the CTSC. I sold the GTLW
9) NA JGTC center exit, CT headers, random tech cats. Back in heaven
10) Mase turbo, Magnaflow center exit, CT headers, no cats' Its a ninja. Quiet but deadly lol

I was told I needed to drive my car more with the Magnaflow... it will get louder over time. But I will keep the BB exhaust if I put the Stock rear back on. I will also keep my JGTC exhaust because I love the sound mostly NA.
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What are the best high flow cats to run my 91 with the taitec jgtc parallel?
I had the GTLW when I got my car, it did sound nice but it droned a lot on the highway and I had stock headers and cats. I removed the cats and went with test pipes and it was louder and droned even more.

Got rid of it and went with an ARC Ti exhaust and had absolutely zero drone (like OEM). With cats the ARC Ti was agressive and low. Without cats it was awesome.

Wanted a change and traded with TURBO2GO for his GT-ROM / GT-ONE F1 Version 5.0 and I've only run it without cats and it's pretty loud and only a slight drone. Very raspy on throttle lift from inside the car but sounds great outside.
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I've tried out the GTLW, sounded good, but since it didn't fit right, i returned it to seller.
Been wanting to hear the JGTC live in person, hopefully some locals have one i can hear.
what part did not fit?