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tcs not working..i think

4 July 2005
the car is new to me and i'm not sure if the ...tcs is working??....may be i have not pushed it hard enough yet...but I did slip the back out trying to see if the system responds...nothing, is there a test or can someone give me the route to a tried and tested method of getting that light on!!!!p.s i luv this thing!!! :)
You should first post the specs of your car. Still stock wheels and tires? Or some aftermarket stuff? Very often it's the different tire sizes that disables TCS. Did you check the TCS fuse under the front hood? For more info you may also look in the FAQ.
One safe way to test TCS is to put the NSX up on all four jack stands. Start up the engine, put it in first gear and let out the clutch. The rear wheels will start to spin, but the front won't so the TCS will come on.
Or, take it out on an empty, wet parking lot, and, from a stop, quickly slam the accelerator to the floor (briefly). See if the TCS activation light on the dash lights up as the car starts to move forward.
Hi Guys

car completely standard...91 model...but on after market wheels...checked here for sizes before buying all seemed to think 265/18/35 on 9inch and 215/40/17 on 7 inch would be fine, did this so to avoid the issues of the abs and tsc lights flashing on and off ect...did'nt know that the tcs may stop working altogether ???? i also did tcs diag check...bridged service port as manual states...(all dash lights work fine) and the tcs light flashes once and stays on during diag test.....this the manual says could be tcs unit??(fault code).....still not to sure i think i wil put standard wheels back on and see if the tcs still has probs....as for the axel stand idea...i could end up in someones garden..lol :biggrin: cheers all
rtbm said:
265/18/35 on 9inch and 215/40/17 on 7 inch would be fine, did this
Then it really shouldn't be the tire sizes causing the problem. (It's still not a bad idea to put the other tires on, just to rule it out totally.)