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TE37 Pictures!

5 March 2012
Was wondering if anyone has pictures and specs of their TE37's on their X's. If you can please post them up with specs. Tires as well. Thanks a bunch. :biggrin:
I've seen a few and messaged the owners of the car. :frown:

I will be going with a concave set up. I may be going with
Front 18x8 +35 offset, 215/35/18 tires
Rear 19x10 +30 offset, 275/30/19 tires
Was wondering if anyone has pictures and specs of their TE37's on their X's. If you can please post them up with specs. Tires as well. Thanks a bunch. :biggrin:

Here's a quick mobile phone picture of mine.


17x8 w/ 235/40/17
18x10 w/ 275/35/18
do they even make a concave front face wheel in nsx fitment. i know the rears can be concave
17/18 TE's purchased from Science of Speed a few years ago. I don't know the offset right now.

NSX with Formula Silver Volk TE37 wheels (F: 18x7.5 +30; R: 19x9.5 +34) and lowered with Tein Type Flex Coilovers.



What tire size are you running? Wondering if anyone has any other set ups more aggressive than yours. Looks definitely nice.

That's actually my car. Specs:

Wheel: Volk TE37 (Formula Silver- only set in country in this fitment)
Wheel Sizes: 18×7.5 (offset: +30) and 19.9.5 (offset: +34)
Tires: Toyo TR1 205/35/18, and 255/30/19
Spacers: Front: 5mm spacer, Rear: 10mm spacer
Adjusted offsets: With spacers, It’s +25 in the front and +24 in the rear.

with a 15mm spacer in rear, now it's 19x9.5 +19

My old wheels (17/18). No concave goodness though :redface:


Here is mine...

Pulled from one of my posts...

I am running the following:

TE37 - Mag Blue

Front - 17x8 +38
Tire size 215/40/17

Rear - 18x9.5 +22 Concave face
Tire size 255/35/18



Rear wheel is concaved but its pretty flush... Definitely need some neg camber in the back...

I am running about -3 Deg Neg Camber...

I just got an alignment done and I have posted up the sheets for your reference...


I dont rub in the rear any more...

I hope this helps you...
Angus has/had 18/19 TE37s and full of concaveness.

Do a search or I can try to post pics later.

Yes, I cannot post a pic right now but if you can that is great!
^^ Looks good. Are Angus' TE37 finish same or different than synths? One looks shinier than the other, but not sure if its the pic/lighting.
If anyone has a set of 17/18 bronze for sale with the concave rears, lmk!

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Heres a silly question... i finally got some center caps for my TEs... do I have to take the wheels off to put them on, or can I use a rubber mallet and put them on without taking the wheels off?




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You can just pop the center caps on. I used my palm. No need to take the rim off, only to remove them.