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Teaser pic for my new wheels!

15 February 2004
Still a log way to go since I have'nt gotten hold of two wheels for the rear yet (Soon though), but here's a small teaser pic from my cell phone cam. :biggrin:

And before anyone asks; No, they dont come in a 114,3 bolt pattern. I plan on having these modified to fit the NSX. And dont get me started on the hassle on getting a pair each in the discontinued 18" and 19" sizes. :tongue:


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Very nice......even w/o tires:wink:
looking good. did you re-drill the bolts to fit them?
Im going to have the bolt pattern and centre bore redrilled on the wheels.
This seems to be the best option.

I think its gonna look awesome once they are mounted. I just love the step lips and the rear lip is gonna be crazy! :biggrin:
Re: Help with sizes?


So the two wheels im going to use up front are 18x8,5" (A bit wide yes i know). Anyway, I was thinking of getting 19x10" for the rear but the size has been discontinued and i now have the opportunity to get two 19x9" for the rear (Or wait and hope for a set of used 19x10" to show up sometime.)

Will i have any negative side effects running this setup - almost having the same width front and rear??
Aw hell, i went for it. :redface:

Sitting on my lap right now is one of my new 9Jx19" +6 rear wheels. The lip is soooo bad ass! :eek:
Bling Bling :cool:

are we looking at the teasers for the REAR now? :tongue:
Re: Help with sizes?

Will i have any negative side effects running this setup - almost having the same width front and rear??

I don't know if this is just me.. but I had 18x8.5 on the front and rear and my TCS would go off every time i hit the gas (quick fix is to turn it off via the button)

but the 8.5 kept rubbing on the front so I took them off. Too bad.. they were so beautiful too.
What happened! How was your outcome? Don't keep us in the dark!
Wheels are re-drilled and i have test-fitted them on the car. But i put the car away for the winter before i actually had a chance to buy tires for them.

Test fitment:

Large: (1600x1200)
what's the off set on the rear and front? I would love those wheels in a 17, 18 setup... Do you happen to have a picture of the holes when they where re drilled?
They only come in 19" and 20" - 18":s are discontinued (I was very lucky and got hold of two used) and 17" was never available.

F 8.5 +38 R 9.0 +9

Sorry, no pics
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