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Tech7042 works on NSX's in DC area

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8 June 2011
Bethesda MD
Hello, fellow DMV NSX owners. My name is Xavier and I have been a member of NSXprime and an NSX owner for about a year now. Owning the NSX has been a childhood dream of mine, and I'm proud to say that I am an owner of a pristine Formula Red '92. Throughout the past year of ownership, I have learned a great deal about the car, and have worked on it extensively. I have met some of you before, and have become friends with a handful of you guys. The NSX community is a very close nit bunch that I am proud to be a part of.

This thread is to introduce myself not only as a fellow NSX owner, but as a professional Automotive Service Technician. Many of the local NSX owners are hard up to find a convenient service station that has the knowledge and skill to work on the NSX. I pride myself with my work, and have over 10 years experience servicing the Honda/Acura product. I have worked for Acura for the past eight years and have obtained many credentials and certificates. I am Honda/Acura factory trained and certified in electrical diagnostics, advanced electrical, and engine repair. I also hold Honda certificates for SRS systems, and A/C. I am also ASE certified and a registered Maryland State Inspector.

I have spent the last year breaking down, and building my own personal NSX to suit me. I have done extensive work to it that can be seen in my build thread here:


The car is by no means done, and will only continue to change.

This is an invitation to visit the dealership I work for. Rosenthal Acura in Gaithersburg, MD, has been selling and servicing Acura vehicles for the past 21 years. We are the proud recipient of the prestigious Precision Team award for the past 13 years... in a row. The name is well known, and the establishment is going nowhere and will only continue to grow. Our service station is state of the art and up to date with all of the Honda diagnostic tools, and shop equipment.

We very rarely ever see any NSX's roll in through our service lane. It's a shame because it is our flagship sports car. Recently though, we have had a total of 5 NSX's come in for service in the past month! We know they're out there, so this is for all of you local NSX owners out there- If you're needing service of your NSX, or any of you Honda or Acura vehicles for that matter, keep us in mind. We are a proud team of technicians that provide only the highest quality of work to our clients.

Just last week, I finished a major tune-up on a customers NSX. The '91 had 51,000 on the odometer, pristine paint, brand new smelling leather. . .and no maintenance ever done! We informed the owner of this, and he even came back in the shop to talk to me about what needed to be done and why. Needless to say, he was hesitant to pull the trigger on such a hefty job. He decided to go forward with the tune up and also requested that we replace his tires and do a four wheel alignment as well. These photos were taken using my cell phone and I have the customers permission to post them:


(if you notice in the background, I'm also in the process of doing a clutch on a TSX- whew what a busy day that was!)



After we returned the vehicle to him, he called my service advisor back the next day and was elated with joy. He informed us that the car hasn't felt like that in a long time.

The list of items that were replaced/performed on this car:
-Timing belt/waterpump
-Spark Plugs
-Lost motion assemblies (SOS units)
-Valve cover gaskets/tube seals
-tensioner pulley
-accessory belts
-lower timing belt cover
-cam seals
-cam plugs
-vtec solenoid gaskets
-valve lash adjustment
-4 tires 15/16
-4 wheel alignment

If you would like to put a face to a name, by all means, PM me and you can swing by with your NSX and meet me in person. I am at the dealership pretty much M-F during normal business hours. I also frequent local car meets, and have started attending the great falls Katie's Coffee House car meet.

I hope to meet some of you in the future!

Re: Tech7042 works on NSX's

Nice Write up Xavi! I'm gonna Try to check you out Monday for a 4 Wheel alignment.
Thanx in Advance!
Hi Xavier! Are you still at Rosenthal Acura?
Awesome! I'll have to stop by sometime.
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