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Temporary Track Day PPF for Service Apron

3 November 2011
Saskatchewan, Canada
I was looking around for a source of some PPF for another car and I noticed that you can get temporary PPF for use on cars. Its sold primarily as temporary protection for cars that are tracked. I am presuming being 'temporary' it goes on without the use of a slip solution and is easy to remove. There are a bunch of these products Tracwrap, TrackArmour, Track Tape......

I have been using a combination of foam fender aprons and old beach towels to protect the fender paint from rubs / scuffs / minor scratches when I am leaning over to work on the engine. They don't really work that well unless I use a lot of masking tape to hold them in place. It occurs to me that this track day PPF might make a good alternative for fender protection. Has anybody ever used this track day style PPF and can offer up opinions on whether it might be suitable for use as a stick on maintenance apron? You can get 600' of 6" wide track Tape for around $120 which would be a life time supply since 3 x 4' runs of 6" on each side (24' total) should get you sufficient coverage on both sides of the car. Should be good for 24 TB/WP changes or whatever which I figure would carry me well past 2100.
Well that looks the treat and even lower in cost. Have you tried it?
I was looking for something like that as well, thanks for the link. I see pro shops use that all the time but couldn't find a place to buy it, track tape is much more expensive. It's somewhat like what junkyards use to cover broken windows so that the interiors aren't ruined by weather, but that stuff is tacky enough that it leaves a bunch of glue residue after a while (time & sun probably doesn't help). I would think that wrap from the link is less tacky, definitely not meant to be as robust as actual PPF.

I've been using kitchen plastic wrap on the paint and then covered with a cheap fender apron. It works to prevent the apron rubbing the paint but the wrap doesn't cling that well by itself.