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Group Buy TFEnt carpet and floor mats

just updated the original post with a few more people sending payment, please let me know if you sent payment to TFEnt so i can update it and confirm with him that payment has gone through.
Is that for the floor mats? Or are factory sub mats different? I am not getting the floor mats at this time.

For anyone ordering Floor Mats, we need to know what Sub is in the car because the factory sub uses the bigger passenger floor mat and the Aftermarket Sub needs a smaller passenger side floor mat.
One question, how hard is to install carpets? Do I need to take off the center console? I know seats comes off but any other panel that need to comes off? Thank you.
Also, I'm interested on type R carpets as well
payment sent; NSX-R carpet / Red Floor Mats (Decided not to get the trunk mat)