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TGS2006 - Gran Turismo HD for PlayStation 3

27 March 2000
Palos Verdes, CA
I don't know how many of you have been following the announcments about GT:HD, but this is a "prologue" due in December (at least in Japan) to a true fifth Gran Turismo on PS3. Here's the official line:

Available this winter, exclusively on PLAYSTATION®3, Gran Turismo™ HD serves as a glimpse into the evolution of the franchise and provides gamers with two types of game modes that offer an unparalleled racing experience suited for the next-generation of gaming. In Gran Turismo HD, gamers will have access to GT HD Premium and GT HD Classic. GT HD Premium features cars and tracks like never before in full high definition quality. GT HD Classic features unique online gameplay that not only provides head-to-head racing, but allows for the long awaited feature of additional cars (ranging up to 770 car models) and tracks (up to 51) available through ongoing downloads. During gameplay in Gran Turismo HD, players have the ability to manage race regulations, online competition and communities, as well as organize race events.

With unlimited network gameplay and dowloadable content, Gran Turismo HD opens doors for further opportunities of online entertainment on PLAYSTATION 3. With the availability and range of cars and tracks featured in Gran Turismo HD, this "Pure Driving Simulator" encourages and enables players to create their own "World of GT."

So my guess is this is a "transitional" title (classic based on GT4, premium based on early builds of GT5) to fill the void until a real PS3 version comes on the scene. It certainly will beat playing GT4 under emulation on a PS3 since you not only get true 1080p output, but, for the first time in the series, online play. Supposedly the "Classic" mode uses GT4's tracks and GT4's "Photo Mode" models as the in-game visuals with 20 cars on track simultaneously...which should make the online competition very compelling. And you'll notice a couple of F-cars if you follow the next two links.

I know people are debating the pros and cons of offering cars and tracks via microtransactions, but I'm pretty psyched since I didn't expect to play a PS3 Gran Turismo before 2008. Besides, I'd be happy if I only bought a NSX and the Nurburgring Nordschleife course.

Official screenshot gallery

concept video...highlighting cars

TGS Press Conference
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Yeah I read a few articles about this title being a "preview" of things to come. But some people say its Sony's way to appease the folks that were upset when they took the online feature out of GT4 before final release, then just flat out cancelled it a year later. Sony said they were looking itno bringing the online part out as an add-on to GT4, but that never happened. But since im a GT nut, I'll probably still buy it....provided I can even get my hands on a PS3 with the reduced availability numbers they posted. :confused:

If anything, since its a preview, I say release it at a discount price!! :biggrin:
When are they stores going to take pre-orders for the PS3? I don't want to have to line up at Best Buy for the midnight release!:tongue:
Yay! Now I have something to look forward to when I camp outside of Bestbuy for a PS3! :biggrin: Just kidding. I don't have $500 or $600 to spend for a new console that will probably collect dust in my room just like what happened to my XBOX 360.

Here is the direct link to the teaser
When I see those shots, and the anticipation of a new GT game begins I start to feel like a third grader on the night before Christmas.

I may have to wait a moment before I can get a PS3, and the game into my hands, but I have little doubt that it will happen. I have always bought the the newest consol in correlation with the release of a GT series game. As I look at nearly a hundred million in my GT4 account, the vastness of my garage, and the wealth of gold trophies in nearly every event- I feel it is time for the next chapter. So it is arriving, as if on que...

Thanks for sharing!

When is the PS3 coming out? I still has a Sega Dreamcast that I play Sega GT on:eek: :eek: - I guess i need to upgrade.:biggrin:
NSXLuvr said:
When is the PS3 coming out? I still has a Sega Dreamcast that I play Sega GT on:eek: :eek: - I guess i need to upgrade.:biggrin:
November 19 in the US.
Second quarter 2007 in the UK :(
I am pretty impressed with the graphics...but not so with the marketing for buying cars online. What is the price for the console?
Wheelman said:
I am pretty impressed with the graphics...but not so with the marketing for buying cars online. What is the price for the console?
$499 with a 20 GB HD and $599 with a 60 GB HD.
Sorry I haven't gotten back to you guys...still don't have Internet at the new home, so I can only update during workdays.

More details have come out since I last posted (I updated the link with the press conference video which shows some of the plans for their online strategy which is now a focus of the game, not just another feature). The online features listed here are a great starting point, complete with competitions rule-enforced (and configurable) competitions, drift competitions, track dates, friends lists, car clubs (who will be the one to start a NSX Club of Gran Turismo or an NSX Prime?), forums, photo sharing (presumably for real rides as well as virtual ones)...

Apparently GTHD itself will cost very little (think cost of packaging, disc, and manuals) since the bulk of the product will be in the downloads. There will be no fee to play it online, just to download cars and tracks (with price according to the exclusivity of the car...so the race models are probably going to be closer to the top prices). Again, this is a transitional title to help them develop a solid GT5 with online experience...and it's very existence is to help them make the final product as good as it can be. The "Premium" title is where you'll start to see the GT5 assets, so expect to see not just cars and tracks but improvements and features through downloads as the game development cycle progresses (realistic damage modeling is something slated to be added in roughly one year, though initially this may only be enabled for the race models of cars).

For those of you who hadn't heard, there was indeed a public beta test of Gran Turismo 4: Online (unfortunately, I was not invited to participate...Japan only between July 1 to August 31, 2006). From what I've read about the beta test, it was good, but far from lag-free...so I can totally see why Polyphony Digital decided to not release the online enabled GT4 for PS2. Instead, they've learned from their mistakes and are engineering GTHD to do online right from the getgo.

So, as I mentioned before, think of this as a transitional product. Only buy the cars and tracks you REALLY want...I'm hoping that this will still cost far less than the price of even a "Greatest Hits" title. At the very least, this will keep your Driving Force Pro GTing until 2008 or whenever the fifth true Gran Turismo arrives.
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akira3d said:
At the very least, this will keep your Driving Force Pro GTing until 2008 or whenever the fifth true Gran Turismo arrives.
:rolleyes: ....I think our Driving Force Pro can't wait till 2008!
Here's the new G25 Racing Wheel available in October, US retail price is $299.99 .. :eek:

Include a six-speed gated shifter and clutch pedal; two high-torque force-feedback motors; an 11-inch wheel; and a full 900 degrees of rotation. The wheel, shifter and pedals are made with premium materials such as stainless steel and leather, delivering the look and feel of parts from a race car cockpit. :cool:


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I tried that G25 racing wheel at E3 this year and it is really good...and I like its paddle shifters far more than the shift buttons on the Driving Force Pro. I didn't like the manual shifter (too easy to miss gears 3 and 4...not notchy enough or something) and the clutch pedal needs to be stiffer and with some kind of feedback. I personally wonder why they don't put force feedback in the brake pedal either...especially at that price.

The Driving Force Pro will be good enough to carry me through the next-generation (thankfully it remains compatible with PS3 and can be used with a PC).
SoCalDude said:
$499 with a 20 GB HD and $599 with a 60 GB HD.

The $499 one also doesn't have WiFi, a memory card reader and worse, no HDMI output. You can't play games in HD and you can't use the BluRay player to watch BluRay movies in HD.
Actually, both the $499 and $599 PS3 models will have HDMI(1.3)...as announced at TGS2006. Furthermore, the cheaper model has been price reduced in Japan with sadly no plans to reduce it elsewhere.

Ever since the announcment, I've switched plans from getting the more expensive model to the cheaper one. From what I understand, any USB card reader will work with a PS3, so you don't *really* need a card reader if you already have a multi-reader (I have several lying around). The harddrive bay is supposedly a standard 2.5" ATA drive bay, so any laptop harddrive can be swapped in if you want more capacity (and probably for much cheaper). The wi-fi is only necessary if you have a wi-fi network and would prefer not to wire it (I'll be wiring my PS3 for speed since I only have 802.11b in the house)...and, that said, if you want to go wi-fi you could always use a wireless ethernet bridge (which is how my PS2 currently connects).

The bigger problem is that the $499 model only represents 20% of the initial shipment...so it will likely be a LOT harder to get it.

Incidentally, HDMI is not required for outputting HDTV, and is only required by Blu-ray and HD-DVD for outputting FULL HD (1080p). The PS3 can (and, as announced at TGS2006, Xbox 360 will soon) output games in 1080p via component too. Incidentally, I recently learned you cannot upscale DVD to 1080p over component.

In the Xbox 360's case, if you get the optional HD-DVD player, you will need to use VGA to achieve 1080p. Otherwise you're stuck at 720p.
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Thanks for the update, I was just repeating what I read in this months Electronic Gaming Monthly. I don't actually own a console nor do I plan on it, but I enjoy following the developments and the subscription was free, so what the hell :).
I'm not a huge fan of this Ferrari, but it sure looks good in 1080p via GT:HD




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SoCalDude said:
November 19 in the US.

It appears that sony is still mucking with the PS3 SDK and have not released final tools despite the launch being 8 weeks away. I wouldnt be surprised if they have to patch or recall units from the first few batches. I'd wait for all the smoke to clear before getting one. I feel bad for the guys who have to ship launch titles built with beta tools.

BTW, the PS3 dev kits are insanely loud. The retail units better not come out like this. :mad:

-- Joe
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An interview with Factor 5 on IGN states "in fact the final retail unit is so quiet that when we first had Lair booting from disc on it we thought the PS3 wasn't running at all."

The PS3 hardware will be whisper silent...don't worry.
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